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  • I will take that Bill & Ted on Sep 1. Thank you. Jul 24, 2020
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There’s also a killer and I mean KILLER Coup De Gras and it’s awesome!

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but at some PAX way back in the day Batrastered, FnJimmy, and myself sat down with one of the Devs of the original Dying Light for a quick play demo. FnJimmy was on the sticks and I don’t remember him doing too terribly. Sad thing is I can’t find any of that footage. But I’m telling you we were there man! Anyway this new Dying Light looks great. The world they show us in this trailer looks like a lot of fun and for sure has some serious parkour action!

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This map had my attention. Look at the pathway markings. Hell yeah, I want to explore.

Sometime in the 90’s there was another game that kinda looked like Oceans Heart. I know I loved that game. Seeing this trailer reminded me of that adventure, I’ll never forget. Look what a take on this genre looks like in 2022. Described as “a Zeldalike tribute to Bloodborne”. Oceans Heart is coming out on the Switch February 10th, so you know this is the real deal. There’s crafting! That’s something we didn’t have back in the day. Tons of different weapons to use and there’s even fire arrows that will catch fields on fire. Plus bosses! And don’t forget that huge awesome map to comb every inch of.

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"Mortal Sin" Has Such Unique Art You Won’t Want To Miss It

By: goukijones Jan 16 (1 day ago) | 0 Comments

Gotta admit at first sight I had to watch this trailer a few a times.

When I first watched this trailer I couldn’t decide if this was eye candy or maybe not so easy on the eyes. After a few looks though, it’s definitely looking very pretty. How do you get your indie game over nowadays? Well you gotta make it an art style that will have everyone do a double take. Don’t overlook the combat and the crafting that is featured in this trailer. Mortal Sin is looking like a real good time. I get some Dark Souls/Oblivion vibes here. 

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Is this the SNK vs Capcom you have been looking for?

Who remembers Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo?! Hell yeah, I was a god at that game. I also played a lot of Marvel Overpower and the Dragon Ball Z CGC. I was a dope at both of those as well. Do you think I’ll be good at this Card Fighters’ Clash?! I see Darkstalkers, Rival Schools, and even Resident Evil. EVEN LEO?! WHERE IS GOUKI? Die 1000 DEATHS NOOB!

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NEW MAPS?! Hell yeah. I’ll also take that Police Lambo.

Cities is probably my most played game in the last 10 years. Halo Wars is up there and the Borderlands series as a whole. Last year I was building my own map and making my dream city. Now we have a new pack of 8 new maps coming to Cities Skylines via a Content Creator Pack. Hell yeah I’m gonna try the new maps. I’ll build something on all 8 maps, never finish and then go back to making my own maps. Cool. The car pack looks great too!

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