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  • I will take that Bill & Ted on Sep 1. Thank you. Jul 24, 2020
  • There are the days I miss this game. I do plan to return one day. As a professio... Jul 24, 2020
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Just 1 Drop of Blood "Redfall" Story Trailer

By: goukijones Mar 17 (6 days ago) | 0 Comments

They all became VAMPIRES!

Redfall is in a great spot in terms of release dates for me for this year. Redfall drops on Xbox Game Pass May 2, 2023. This is great news! A few days before the new Zelda, which I’m kinda “uh idk just yet” and a full month before Street Fighter 6 and Diable IV. It looks like Suicide Squad game was delayed, but I still have seen anything official. Kinda ignoring to be honest, I do want to play that game. Redfall is coming from Arkane studios, who made a few games back in the day that I love. So I’m hoping this new game with 4 player co-op is a success. Saturday Night PWN event coming soon featuring Redfall!

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"Pronty" & The Killer Bionic Military Eel (Review)

By: goukijones Mar 16 (6 days ago) | 1 Comments

Pronty is out now on Nintendo Switch!

The Weapon

There is no Pew Pew in Pronty. You get a bionic military javelin. It looks like an eel. His name is Bronty and he is extremely dangerous. A ton of different upgrades and combinations make Bronty an absolute blast to use. You don’t just shoot at enemies. You target them with Bronty and he strikes. You can charge him up and have him circle around you creating a barrier. Different combinations of buffs boost you to move faster, attack quicker, and live longer. I’ve got to say, the use of kit building in the game is really great and you make your own rules when it comes to fighting bosses.

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5, 4, 3, 2, Let ☝ Go! "WWE 2K23" Launch Trailer

By: goukijones Mar 14 (8 days ago) | 0 Comments

So Bad Bunny can see Cena?

Wrestlers don’t wrestle in full walk out gear enough. The Miz and Cody Rhodes are two of the biggest names in WWE. Plus we see Johnny Gargano and Damian Priest. Shout out to those guys for making it into the trailer. Logan Paul, everybody’s favorite YouTuber is here! The Tribal Chief thinks he’s on top, but actually… it’s Bad Bunny and Triple H on a whole-nother-level! WWE 2k23 is out now!

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The 2022 Gouki.com Game Of The Year!

This new map looks a little different. That's right. It has a completely new section called, The Gloomrot. Some connecting pieces look different too. I’m hoping this isn’t just the drawing we’re looking at and it’s little tweaks they’ve made to the map here and there. Very exciting. There’s definitely going to be new bosses, new gear, new crafting, and a ton of new adventures to behold. Plus all of the castle updates. They will have stairs! Multi-floor strongholds will be part of your new dwelling. There is still no official date, but the blog post mentions May for a possible drop. Get ready to suck it!

Robocop needs a warrant.

What’s great about this is Robocop gets the warrant on site. He just walks around, takes some pics and talks to a few people. Somebody tells him there are drugs downstairs and voilà, Robocop is granted a warrant. Of course there’s some resistance and after somebody throws an empty glass bottle at Robocop, deadly force is needed. Robocop is even punching dudes to death. He must be picking up guns off of the ground because he is using a submachine gun. Then he switches back to his gun. Man, he must really have liked that SMG. Robocop: Rogue City is set for September 2023 on PC. 

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