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Tick Tock "Steam Deck" Dock

By: goukijones 11:49 AM (11 hours ago) | 0 Comments

For less than $100 you can hook your SD to your TV.

Today Steam announced the Steam Deck Dock. A new device that you can charge your Steam Deck and hook up to various outputs. 

  • 3 USB A 3.1 Ports
  • USB C Power Port
  • Displayport Video Out
  • HDMI Video Out
  • Gigabit Ethernet

Also Valve said all current Steam Decks on order are being filled immediately. You will get the email soon! There is also tons of NEW supply available and you can order one for yourself today. Now’s your chance to get a Steam Deck if you haven’t got one yet!

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Official Gameplay "Dead Space Remake"

By: goukijones Oct 5 (1 day ago) | 0 Comments

Still alive and still targeting the same release date.

We were just talking about Dead Space the other day when The Callisto Protocol released a new video. Well, the Dead Space remake is doing just fine. Here’s a new trailer that just has the game looking very beautiful. I’ve been very interested since I first heard about these 2 games coming out together so close to each other. My prediction, they’re both going to do very well. My money is on the new game to do better than the remake, but we’ll see in January when the Dead Space remake is released.

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie Official Poster

By: goukijones Oct 4 (2 days ago) | 0 Comments

It’sa me I’m a movie star!

On the eve of the premiere of the first ever teaser for the full trailer of the entire movie. Super Mario Movie starring Chris Pratt will finally be revealed to the public soon. It was 1993 when the first Super Mario Bros. movie was released. It was a live action movie with Bob Hoskins playing Mario. Maybe you remember at the very end, Peach busts into the Bros. apartment and says some wild shit is still going down in the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario is needed once more! Finally now we’ll get to see what happens next. J/K, that’s not the actual storyline of the new movie. In the new movie Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser. Okay, okay, I don’t know what the new movie is about. The trailer will be out soon. We’ll have it for you here on Gouki.com!

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"Street Fighter X Power Rangers" Amalgam Action Figures

By: goukijones Oct 3 (3 days ago) | 0 Comments

What’s the ZORD form into?

The Power Rangers X Street Fighter Lightning Collection is a set of 4 6-inch figures. There are over 20 points of articulation and a bunch of swappable parts like, hands and fireballs, lightning kicks! Plus a stand with some sick backgrounds to pose them in front of. Order now!

Chun-Li Blazing Phoenix Ranger

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Doesn’t look like a nice place to be stuck in.

It’s still hard to believe that game studios and game publishers will let developers go and they just leave and make a new studio and a new game. My mind is blown. What’s the latest news on Dead Space 3? I don’t know, haven’t heard anything. Callisto Protocol looks amazing. Look at the faces on these characters. Is that the girl from The Boys? I said before that I’d rather watch people play these types of games, but this new trailer for Callisto Protocol has me kinda wanting to play it myself. I guess we’ll see when the game is released in December.

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