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Sounds Of & Reports For "Metroid Dread" Ahead Of Release

By: goukijones 8:59 AM (9 hours ago) | 0 Comments

Can you believe a new Metroid game is just around the corner.

I’m telling you, the E.M.M.I. chasing Samus in these trailers is giving me anxiety and I’m not even playing the game. Sound effects and music ever since Metroid Prime have been my favorite feature of the game series. While playing Metroid Prime the music put us all in such an environment. It really felt like a space soundtrack. I still listen to that OST to this day. As far as side-scrolling Metroidvania gameplay, I couldn’t be more excited for the chance to relive the feelings of Super Metroid.

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"Triangle Strategy" Official Name & Release Date Revealed

By: goukijones Sep 24 (3 days ago) | 0 Comments

Finally, the hopeful Final Fantasy Tactics successor will be playable soon.

First of all the complex 6 part name has been narrowed down to just Triangle Strategy. Which in the game has something to do with 3 different factions feuding with each other. The other big reveal is the official release date coming a lot sooner than expected. March 4, 2022. After the beta/demo a few months back, check my review of the demo. The devs have taken a lot into consideration and have finally tuned a lot of features and quality of life stuff in the game before it even comes out! Check out the latest trailer below.

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Big Team Battle & CTF experiences happening during these next 2 flights.

If you haven’t signed up for the Halo Flights (which is a fantasy name for beta test) check out my original post about the first Halo Infinite Flight. And if you don’t believe the hype is real check out my first Halo Infinite Montage. Get signed up and hit me up on XBL and let’s PWN some nuabs! Meanwhile check out the latest flight preview showing off some CTF and new maps below.

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"Injustice" Red Band Trailer Superman Is Pissed!

By: goukijones Sep 22 (5 days ago) | 0 Comments

They took everything from him!

After the Joker kills Lois Lane and some massive explosion goes off in Metropolis, Superman takes world order under his control. This movie is based off the popular video game, Injustice: Gods Among Us from NetherRealm Studio. Which was then made into a graphic novel and now a Warner Bros. Animation film.

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Taker plans to terrorize Xavier, Big E, & Kofi in his spooky mansion.

It’s your boys The New Day! Xavier Woods, Big E, & Kofi Kingston have come to The Undertaker’s mansion to take The Undertaker’s Urn and combine it with The New Day’s Power of Positivity and then The New Day will become UNSTOPPABLE. The Undertaker is not having that. He has placed traps all throughout his mansion. You as the viewer must help The New Day navigate The Undertaker’s mastery of the dark arts and escape the mansion with the urn. 

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