Video: GoukiJones Mods a FightStick with an Octogate & Battop Stick

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If you grew up in American arcades you know fight sticks nowadays just aren't the same. That's because back then they were different. Watch this installation video & transformation into an old school American style stick.


Both the items were purchased from Total price including shipping $17.20 USD.

Here's the video recorded during the installation. I've never done anything like this. Listen closely for some pro-tips.

Gameplay with the new parts ...

GoukiJones says: That night it was finished I played Ultimate Marvel with Choke & FnJimmy. I was way off my game. When I wasn't playing, choke was using the stick. Choke definitely had more wins that night, but he's got Asian in him and we usually don't count his wins. I didn't like the Octogate at all. However, the bat top was pretty sweet. I'd like to try the square gate with a bat top. Don't be a Jimmy. 

BatRastered says: The bat top is a definite win. I grew up using the bat top in the American arcades (usually at a 7-11). It just feels right in my hands. I'm still a little up in the air on the octo-gate. I spent a night playing SSFIV:AE 2012 edition and did really well with it. It should be noted that I use charge characters primarily (Bison/Dictator and Guile) so I don't know how much the different gate would affect a more traditional character. I was able to pull off Bison's teleport (dragon punch motion) without too much trouble, though it took some getting used to. My biggest problem was hitting the upper diagonals to jump forward, I ended up jumping straight up a couple of times when I didn't want to.

Let me know what kind of stick you prefer and if you've done any of your own modifications. Vote, comment & share. Thanks for reading.


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