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By iorilamia — March 2, 2011
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Every class can help out, here are some basics.

If you are new to K3 or are on the ropes about buying the game, here's a little write-up about how every class in some way can contribute to the team in multiplayer modes. Hope this gives you a better understanding of the game :)

(I will be typing this as you have the abilities I speak of maxed out or maybe even a mic to communicate)

TACTITION    - Almost all of the Tactitions abilities scream teamwork if you use them correctly.

Tactics allows you to capture Spawn Areas. This allows your teamates to have the choice of an alternative spawn, which in some levels can supply them with Mortar Beacons (similiar to a airstrike) and/or Jetpacks. Keep in mind that you don't want to do this all whilly nilly. The purpose is the name of the skill "tactics" Capture areas to give your team better areas to advance or to get out if they are in a bad situation, nothing is worse than your team getting owned , trusting your spawn and getting pushed even further back or in a worse spot in general. Another part of Tactics is Capture and Hold missions are captured twice as fast! Don't always fall back waiting to kill enemies trying to get to the area, use your Tacticle Spawn to get the team closer tot he objective and get in with them to capture the area at lightning speed ;D

Recon combined with a mic is beautiful. The first part of Recon is seeing any enemy within 30 meters, whether they are in a building, invisible or cloaked. This allows you to easily let your teamates know who is coming up on them if you are too far to help. The second part of Recon is the Droid. You throw a beacon onto the ground and your droid flies high int he air scouting out enemies to kill. Many Tacitions just throw this in random places ; wrong. Even though it flies around a bit, it only does that as a patrol when it cannot find targets, you should be using it near the action or near the assination area when your bodyguarding your teamate.

MARKSMAN -  They can help your team even if they are AFK...

Scramble abilitiy allows Marksman not to be revealed when a Tacition uses Recon and scrambles all enemies radars within 15 meters.

The Marksman can also stay invisible with Cloaking until he mortally wounds or kills someone. As lame as camping is, a Marksman being invisible and scouting out the area letting his teamates know where they are going to be attacked from is extremely usefull. Ontop of that there have been many of situations where I cannot find the Marksman, and my team is getting destroyed because his team is firing at us from all angles, but our radars are permanently jammed. Jammed radars and Infiltrators can be extremely deadly...which leads me to the next class.

INFILTRATOR - Not your team-helping type of character, but he can get the job done in a few ways.

Survivalist lets run faster than everyone else with UNLIMITED stamina, ontop of that you can place/disarm explosives in half the time.

Disarming and placing explosives takes forever, being able to sneak in with Disguise lets them go unnoticed and complete the objective faster than anyone else. But there is a way Infiltrator benifits from Marksmans scramble. If anyone is in your base killing guys and you don't notice him on radar it is a little annoying. But since Infiltrator goes in unoticed it is even more scary. Also Disguise++ lets you brutal melee people without breaking disguise.

ENGINEER - A definate need who benifits the team as soon as the round starts.

Repair Tool allows you to hack enemy turrets and restore ammo crates. At the start of every round all ammo crates are unmarked. This also allows you to heal damage mechs and turrets. The Engineer can run around his and the enemies base turning all the crates for your team use only. With the hacking technique it is easier for you and your team to push in (unfortunately this is extremely hard to pull off, most turrets will kill you before you get that close).

Sentry Turret is the pride and glory of Engineer. You can place them just about anywhere, allowing you to strategize how you want to surround the enemy, or protect your team. Having several Engineers can make the opposite team feel very outgunned. The special part of the Turret is that it actually has a far range, the turrets and rockets will be fired upon enemies in the distance, keep that in mind for where you want to put it. Combining well placed Turrets wil well placed proximity miens can really lock a place down.

FIELD MEDIC- The zombie and saviour

Revive is simply amazing. When maxed you bring your teamates back to health with HIGHER than maximum health and ammo. This turns your dead teamates into super soldiers. When someone dies it shows you where they are and how far they are, proceed with caution.

Triage is what makes the medic really special. He can slightly heal nearby teamates, add a droid and come back to life. Once per life after the Medic dies he can choose to respawn or stand back up like nothing happened, this gives you the chance to give your teamates backup. The Medic Droid is similiar in a way. It is weaker than the other 2 droids but after you die, it stays up until it is killed. It applies a cute ammount of backup fire to you and your team.

I hope this helped someone or gave you something interesting to read, maybe got you thinking of which class you would like to level up first cheeky.

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