I want a mechanical keyboard, but I want an ergonomic one too.. WTF!

By BatRastered — September 18, 2013
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Apparently I'm S.O.L. and this shit is impossible to find or make.

I started gaming more with my PC lately. I'm pretty happy with my existing keyboard for office use... programming, writing stories, etc. But I kind of want a full-on mechanical keyboard with the tactile feedback and precision that it comes with. However, I've gotten used to the split layout of the Microsoft Natural keyboard 4000, seen here.

MS Natural keyboard 4000

Great for typing, not such a good gaming board. I went looking for the unicorn, a mix of mechanical function and ergonomic form. Here's what I found.

The "Truly Ergonomic Keyboard"

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard

What. The. Fuck.

At least it's mechanical.

The "Kinesis Advantage"

Kinesis Advantage

I'd have better luck typing with the NES advantage.


How about the "ErgoDox"?

ErgoDox keyboard

Why are you doing this to me? I just want a normal split style keyboard with all the keys in the normal place... FUCK.

For shits and giggles, wanna see the new MS ergonomic "Sculpt" Keyboard? It's not mechanical, but I love my old MS keyboard so lets take a look.

MS Sculpt keyboard

Pretty good, but WTF are you doing with the arrow keys and delete cluster? OMG I want to puke.

Fuck it, I'll probably just get one of those $150 glowing razer keyboards we saw at PAX. Or maybe just a DasKeyboard (not really gaming specific, but mechanical).

Does it come in red?


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