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It’s revival to the modern age. Just how modern it this war?

What up you Jimmies?! This one is going to be fun!  First things first, this game was developed by two teams, Danger Close, which is a studio in EA, and DICE, which worked on Battelfield and Bad Company, but was published by EA. With two studios working on one project, this game should be the total work of these companies into one. Well, let’s see…

Story- You play a USA trooper in Afghanistan that is in the heat of a modern war. You control “Rabbit” from AFO Neptune. Then you jump into arms as other troopers in the AFO division. The story is generic… You play a trooper in the shoes of a cross fire and constantly switching character every other mission.  It was honestly hard for me to follow along. The switching wasn’t my biggest gripe; it was the 300 acronyms that were thrown at me. I just don’t know about war that much, but it made me feel like I’m fighting in a different planet altogether. With no spoilers here, it does tell the brave story of the men and woman that fight the real war. I respect them for fighting and protecting our country. But this game’s story is short. Go from point A to point B and shoot the bad guys. They actually say that in the dialogue too! An average of five to six hours to complete, it’s really disappointing to see the story’s length be this short as a rebirth to the series.

Gameplay-Ok, here comes the tricky part. Since two companies worked on this, two control schemes are here, offline and online. For this section, I’ll discuss the offline or  in other words single player controls.

Single player is tight. The controls work. You shoot from the hip or aim from iron sight. You can sprint for infinite miles but the coolest feature is the side action. You can run and slide into cover and it’s a nice addition. You can also peek and lean your body. Like you can hide behind a wall, get to the close edge and peek the corner and shoot. You can also go prone, crawl, but you can’t pick up grenades that are next to you. The single player’s missions are a nice diverse. You get on drive an ATV, control missile fire, play a sick sniper level and control the gunner on an aircraft. You can point and shoot and your bullet and it will find its point. Meaning there’s little to no air and distance resistance. It’s odd that ever FPS has a slow motion scene to take out a certain bad guy at one point, but that’s me being picky.  Also as a strangle design choice, you are 97% accompanied by someone else yet the story is strictly solo play. And in that one mission that you’re alone, you meet one other in three minutes.

Online multiplayer is also manageable. First thing’s first. You can’t go prone online. That’s a bad programming design since you have to get reaccustom to that. Now, the weapons in the single player don’t have secondary fire. Same here, but you can’t lean and peek! A function that was in the single player isn’t here! That’s two. What did they change it to? Alternate control for each class, but it’s usually an explosive of some sort. You get to pick from three different classes, soldier(close combat), ranger(long range) and specialist(shotgun rockets).  And you can’t sprint like Superman here… But you also get to control tanks in multiplayer but only in two maps and in certain game modes. You also have exclusive maps to exclusive game modes. So to see all the maps, you have to play all the game modes. He’s the game breaker, and it deals with EA’s online servers. If you buy the game used, you have to buy a code to play online. Here’s a second catch, you can play the game online without the code, but you’ll be spammed with a “Buy the code and get to rank up and get new weapons.” Strange since you could do the same thing but you’ll constantly be told that. More irritating than anything and you can’t lend it or resell without getting the online pass, which cost an extra five dollars.
The running, aiming and weapons all feel different from the two modes. Even in the main screen the single player has its own loading screen and the same with the multiplayer. Awesome..

Graphics-This game is mixed here too. It looks awesome and really detailed at some points but some other sections are bland and choppy, especially the snow and blood together. And the graphic are lowered on online. It’s normal for a game to do that, so the game looks ok overall. Nothing that makes it stand out from the shooters of today.

Sound-All guns, to me, sound the same. But since DICE worked on it, multiplayer I mean, their guns sound exceptionally better! The voice acting tries to be dramatic and delivers.  Although the sounds of the ATV sound like a go-karts than anything. But the music score in the single player are great! It really makes you feel the sacrifice the troopers go through and they land their score!

Overall-Flush it!(at full price and used). Buy it!(New and on sale). It’s honestly a fun and nice game but you can’t rent it or borrow it without paying an online pass. If you get the PS3 version though, you get a copy of the original copy of Medal of Honor with trophy support. But there are other games in this market that offer the same experience but with a greater and consistent value. Sorry Jimmy, get this on a deal or Black Friday or something..

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Medal of Honor

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Release Date: Oct 12, 2010

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