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By kof2012 — January 13, 2011
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do you think there is a need for ss4 or any other fighting if there is mugen?

The engine was originally released on July 17 2001 beta versions of it were made to work on dos linux and windows platforms The engine allows anyone to create characters background stages and other game objects through interpreted text files graphics and sound compilations It supports various types of audio formats such as mp3 and midi initially although it can be configured to play various audio formats via Winamp plugins such as adx and ogg as background music during gameplay MUGENs coding structure for content is textbased and can be accessed and modified in any text editor such as wordpad The sprite format is in pcx 256color 16bit graphics files Audio for screenpacks and characters use wav. Both the PCX and WAV files are compiled in SFF and SND archives respectively and require editing tools to modify the contents thereof it being real customizable so my question is do you think there is a need for ss4 or any other fighting game 2d style not 3d if there is mugen and many of you might say fuck this little bastard or screw that fuck face but the truth is that there is alot of controversy on this subject i have mugen installed on my laptop and the sprites are sort of good the ones that come with the game but i have made my own took me awhile but hey it made the game alot cooler let me know what you think


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