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BatRastered Posted by: BatRastered Feb 22, 2012 | 3 comments
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BatRastered's Trailer Breakdown: Borderlands 2 kicks off a new era of Shoot and Loot on September 18th in the US and September 21st Internationally! breaks down the new Siren's skill tree. Ninjas?

September 18! Ok, now that we've got the release date news out of the way, watch the video and I'll break down some news afterwards.

Here's the team of characters you will be using (about 0:40 in the video):

Salvador - the Gunzerker. His skill is dual wielding, as talked about way back at PAX. Yes, dual wield any two guns. Awesome.

Maya - Siren. She was revealed at PAX, but nothing was shown of her skill. We now know it is called Phaselock and it looks like an M. Bison Ultra 2 finisher. It holds an enemy in a phase field. It's unknown if this causes damage or just holds them while you shoot them.

Axton - Soldier. Looks like he's got a turret, so not much changing for this class, though I expect the skill tree will have some new hotness.

Zero - Ninja? He's got a sword that cuts people in half. Looks awesome, not much else shown of him in this video.

Next highlight: 0:54... Flying vehicles, not shown if we can pilot them, but looks cool.

Starting around 1:18 they move quickly through Maya's skill tree. I paused a lot and got these goodies for you all:

Sweet Release: Killing an Enemy who you currently have phaselocked creates Life Orbs which automatically heal the party.

Wreck: While you have an enemy phaselocked you gain increased fire rate and damage with all gun types.

Recompense: Taking health damage has a chance to cause you shields to instantly start charging. Also increases your sheild charge rate.

Res: You can instantly revive a downed friend by using phaselock on him/her (picture of a phoenix down lol)

Elated: While you have an enemy phaselocked you and your friends regenerate health.

Inertia: Killing an enemy causes your shields to quickly regenerate and increases your reload speed for a few seconds.

Kinetic Reflection: After killing an enemy you gain the ability to reflect enemy bullets sending them flying back toward your enemies. This effect lasts for a short time.

Accelerate: Increases damage and bullet speed with all gun types.

Ward: Improves your shield capacity and shield recharge delay.

Suspension: Increases the duration of phaselock.

What do you think? See anything else in the video that you're excited about? Leave a comment!

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Feb 22, 2012 by BatRastered

If you missed it, or just need to refresh your memory, you can see our full Borderlands 2 write up and video interview from PAX 2011.


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