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By dragonkiss83 — September 15, 2012
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IGN interviews Randy Pitchford and you get some interesting dialog.

Embedding the video didn't work so if you want to watch over an hour of it follow the link.


You get everything from his opinion on used games to questions on Duke Nukem and his future and Borderlands 2.  

Apparently he thinks that the developers should get a cut of the used game sales.  In my opinion if they aren't buying the game back themselves they don't have a right to the re-sale.  If I sold you my old car the maker doesn't get a cut.  At one point I managed a used video game store that was part of a small chain almost all of our profit was used games, with new games we made $5.  So something where we were basically taxed by the game studios would have been a disaster.

He also says that the Duke Nukem game wasn't incredible but was still above average.  I think he is either to sentimental about it to be objective or just wishful thinking.  He admits it was still a very 90's game.  But says in the next game he will evolve to fit our times better but won't abandon who he is.

He gets pretty off topic at times, but it just shows he is a "nerd".  He is into games, movies, comics, and all that goes with it.  He mentions community day, and I caught a decent part of it on stream and they showed some new in game footage of an after game boss.  They also talked about the possibility of more DLC characters.  

Brothers in Arms Furious Four gets touched on some, but as a game I was not hyped about I kind of zoned out.  He makes it sound as if it's being split into two games.  Since the Furious Four was more of an Inglorious Bastards type story then fitting with the Brothers in Arms series.

He even agrees that the pre-order dlc exclusive to each retailer is a pain.  Then points out that Gamestop got something extra for Borderlands 2 because they invested in the game and the marketing.  So I guess I shouldn't gripe about it.  

All I can say now is fuck I can't wait until Tuesday so I can start playing Borderlands 2.

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