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reipuerto Posted by: reipuerto Apr 1, 2010 | 4 comments
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Already?! That’s right!!

That’s right boys and girls! Even before the release of Super Street Fighter IV for the console’s, CAPCOM has announced their plans for making a part Five!
The character roster will be a fight of the century! This “story” line won’t have continuity with the other game, but more of a dream match between all characters. Yun and E. Honda. Gill vs Seth. Twelve vs Gouken. And Remy vs El Fuerte.

You wanted and they delivered! CAPCOM didn’t have a comment but Executive Producer Keiji Inafune did say this, “We wanted the fans to be happy to play a game with any and all their favorite character from any universe. FIGHT!” Way to go CAPCOM! Let’s hope they incorporate DLC too!


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