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Sony announces merger with Micrsoft!

By: iguapo Apr 1, 2010 | 2 Comments

Sony to defer to Microsofts's XBOX

At 1pm eastern standard time a behind closed door meeting of Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and Sony CEO Howard Stringer concluded after about 2 hours time. Although what was said is not 100% sure what is known is that Sony will sell Its right to the PS3 to Microsoft! Coupled by the loss of many "Exclusive" rights of games, and the Xbox live community being so much better then Sony's. The PS3 has struggled since its release. The XBOX and Wii systems proved too much for Sony to compete with. The exact details of the deal are not known, but what we do know is that Microsoft will receieve the rights to BLUE RAY TECHNOLOGY and the last of PS3's exclusive games. ie God of War, Metal Gear, Little big Planet Etc Etc. Sony decided this was necessary to survive in the video gaming world. Along with this deal Sony cannot launch a new system for 5 years! Although they may develop one. This is huge news and gives way to a future Xbox with a blue ray player, making it perhaps the perfect video gaming system! Perhaps in PROJECT NATAL?




By: reipuerto Apr 1, 2010 | 4 Comments

Already?! That’s right!!

That’s right boys and girls! Even before the release of Super Street Fighter IV for the console’s, CAPCOM has announced their plans for making a part Five!
The character roster will be a fight of the century! This “story” line won’t have continuity with the other game, but more of a dream match between all characters. Yun and E. Honda. Gill vs Seth. Twelve vs Gouken. And Remy vs El Fuerte.

You wanted and they delivered! CAPCOM didn’t have a comment but Executive Producer Keiji Inafune did say this, “We wanted the fans to be happy to play a game with any and all their favorite character from any universe. FIGHT!” Way to go CAPCOM! Let’s hope they incorporate DLC too!

Nintendo goes Hi-def and 3D?! Holy cow! E3 is going to be amazing!

Nintendo said they would go hi-def eventually it only makes sense to take it one step further and go 3D. From a story released earlier on the AFD official press statement. 

Some system specs will be:

  • 1080p natural 3D - I think that means no glasses will be needed.
  • Wii sensor bar upgrade - Technology similar to Natal, but more advance.
  • 1TB gig Hard drive - I'm thinking very few moving parts here.
  • 100% online support and DLC capabilities.
  • Multiple controls options - Classic contorls, Wii-motion plus, N64 Six Button controller and Wii-D hands free motion control.


I'm guessing this is tied some how to the new Zelda being announced it would be awesome to actually be standing up swinging at the TV for reals this time trying to kill Gannon.

I don't know how Nintendo does it, but the new system will be moderately price so I'm guess below $300.

More information coming soon.

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Crimson Relic

Next Zelda Announced!

By: Crimson Relic Apr 1, 2010 | 3 Comments

Team Ninja gets there first go at the Zelda franchise.

Last night it hit the interwebs that the next main game in the Zelda series is in development and is being headed by Team Ninja. Nintendo has seen the great success this developer is having with their project Metroid: Other M and worked out a deal to also work on another of Nintendo's beloved series.

Not much info is known about the game yet. What is known is that Link is supposed to be faster, stronger and all-around more bad-ass. The elves of Kakariko village have ancient techniques stored that they will teach to Link, such as teleportation, elemental magic and using two swords at once! More information to come soon!

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de bad shot

WOW on XboxLive?

By: de bad shot Mar 31, 2010 | 3 Comments

The world of warcraft is hitting Xbox, virgins across the world rejoice!

    Well my friends the day has come, storm clouds gather over Xbox Live as the fabled land of untouched virgins decends upon all unsurspecting paitrains of Xbox Live. This news sent chills down my spine. To think soon millions of dweebs will flood our ranks and with them will enter the many fanatics who punch holes in their walls when things dont go their way. Kids who run away from home and die from starvation.

    Well friends this is the end of days, Ragnarok, 2012 times 1 million. life as we know it is about to change. When you want to sit down and enjoy some casual shooting with your closest friends, they however will be chasing the green dragons of Averoth. Soon they will stop talking, bairthing, eating, and finaly, they will just die from the addiction. The only ray of light this brings is the kick ass episode of intervention it will spawn.


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