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By choke — September 24, 2009
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Review of the new trailer for the Wii version of Tatsunoku vs Capcom

So a new trailer just dropped for the Wii version of Tatsunoku vs Capcom.  Excitement abound. 

First off let me comment on all the "awards" they show it won.  OMG IT WON BEST FIGHTING GAME AT E3?????  What exactly was it's competition?  No one makes fighting games anymore.  Did it beat some new Tekken or some shit? 

I still have no idea what Tatsunoku is.  I'm gonna guess it's some animation company because I see some Battle of the Planets fuckers, giant robots, people with swords, and lots of characters with those creepy big eyes that dont resemble any actual race that Japanese animators love.   Oh and there's a guy who throws a shopping cart and I could see there being an anime series just about shopping carts because anime is stupid and they make series about stupid shit like that.  Or is that the guy from Dead Rising.  I wouldnt know because I hate video games.

So anyway, the Street Fighter characters are WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE.  What is there really to say?  Have we ever had an explanation from capcom about what universe these Vs games take place in?  Obviously all of these fighting games defy all logic but all the sudden Ryu, Chun Li can fly and throw nuclear explosions out of his hands and destroy planets.  Great.

Oh Viewtiful Joe is in this.  Boy, am I glad to see him again.

I'll play it, but I can guarantee you within 2 days of it's release everyone online will be using some combination of characters that if you miss one block you are dead.  Wait, will this be online?  Does Wii even have online?  Does anyone have a fucking Wii?

Okay I wont play it.  I shouldnt have reviewed this.


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