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starlordtitus Posted by: starlordtitus Jul 7, 2011 | 8 comments
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It was video games that brought us joy growing up, but when toy companies started creating figures and collectibles of our favorite video game characters, it only brought more excitement to good times.

We all had action figures growing up.  Collectibles that fill up our shelves. Video game charactes would join our anime ones in chosen locations through our rooms. What had to be my first collectible, was Mario. I remember walking down the isle in Toys R Us when I was 4 and seeing Mario and Luigi to the left. But I had to have Mario, he was my favorite. I have had this guy all my life and I have never left him behind.


From that moment on, came years of different action figures from various video games and animes. There was a time when Electronics Boutique before it became Gamestop, had action figures that they sold. When I was severly interested in Dragonball Z, I would go to EB and choose only the most esteemed looking and detailed. Figures that when you saw them you would be like "damn that looks tight". Super Saiyan 2 Gohan was one of my favorites.


Later as I got older, the weapons of video game characters became more interesting to me. Imagine being able to hold the Master Sword the Hero of Time wielded, how many of us bought that sword and shield. Or the Energy Sword from Halo, or even the infamous Masamune blade and Buster Sword of Sephiroth and Cloud.

These weapons only added to the erupting flare of collecting truly remarkable pieces of art from our favorite video games. Thus eventually adding to cosplay designs and such. Whatever the game you're interested in, it is certain companies created figures, cosplay, and weapons for them. It is incredible how accurate these items can be and gives me a sense of proudness to be a gamer. Because it really shows that I'm not the only one out there that has the same appreciation for the games we all love. An in conclusion, it will be a timeless aesthitic creation of world class craftsmanship as individuals continue to create.

I leave you now with a cosplay that's on my wish list xD



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