Top 6 fake names for the next XBOX

By BatRastered — October 23, 2010
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The next XBOX won't be showing up for a while, but that hasn't stopped people from guessing what it might be called.

6. XBOX 362 (or 360-2)

Why it's believed: It's a sequel so it's got a two after it (or added to it)

Why it won't happen: Technically it would be the third XBOX, but 363 would be really confusing. Also, this is a terrible name for a product either way you write it.


5. XBOX 720

Why it's believed: It's 2 times 360!

Why it won't happen: The reason Microsoft went with XBOX 360 instead of XBOX2 was because they thought XBOX2 would sound "less than" PS3. I know it's stupid, but with 1080 being a big deal in HD resolution (edging out the cheaper 720p sets) there's no way Microsoft will use 720 as the monicker for their new system.


4. XBOX 1080

Why it's believed: 1080p is the highest TV resolution right now, and 1080 is definitely more than 4 (assuming this will have to compete with the PS4).

Why it won't happen: Actually, I can't think of a good reason for them not to do this unless higher resolution HDTVs come before the system is released.


3. XBOX Blu

Why it's believed: This is mostly due to speculation that the next XBOX will have a blu-ray drive. 

Why it won't happen: Microsoft seems dead set against the blu-ray right now, and it's likely that future consoles will rely on flash memory and downloaded content. Optical discs are starting to show their age.


2. XBOX 4000

Why it's believed: The current gen has a 3 in its name, so the next version needs a 4 and needs to go 10x for some reason.

Why it won't happen: This number is essentially meaningless. Then again, so is 360...


1. Kinect

Why it's believed: Microsoft said that the Kinect is basically the next XBOX and is going to keep the current gen going for a few more years.

Why it won't happen: None of the real gamers who love the XBOX and have had it since day one are buying this. The Kinect is for amateurs.



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