Video: UMvC3 Choke VS GoukiJones VS FnJimmy Best 2 out 3 Tournament

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Full bracket results inside. Choke VS GoukiJones VS FnJimmy in a double elimination tournament. Featuring: Spencer, Dr. Doom & Dr. Strankge - Team Choke. Hsien-Ko, Ghost Rider & Hawkeye - Team GoukiJones. Nemesis, She-Hulk, & Ryu - Team FnJimmy.

Check out the bracket.

Video from the Live Stream.

On Saturday January 28th Team Gouki will be taking online challenges. Make sure you look for King of Jimmys on Xbox Live if you want to challenge any of us. You lag, you get put out. Don't be a Jimmy!

The matches will be featured on the Live Stream.

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

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