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By Cinderkin — October 18, 2010
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Vanquish, Vanquish, Vanquish.... What  can I say about this game? To put it nicely it's Garbage!


I've been playing the campaign and let me tell you, unless you have a 90' Tv chances are you won't be able to see the enemies very clearly. Not to say that most enemies are tiny, just saying there is too much going on screen at once. It makes things hard to keep track of. Now you may be thinking "well you just don't like fast paced shooters." That isn't the case. I actually really enjoy the speed aspect of this game. I also like how the main characters suit, weapons, and power ups look. On a visual level the game is pretty good looking. Gameplay suffers from an awkward control scheme, and the voice work could use a new script... fast!

I only played through training and Act 1, so this review is based on that.


Vanquish stars some dude named Sam (I think, wasn't really paying attention). His mission is to stop a terrorist threat. Who are the terrorist in this game? Well it's Russia because we all know they are one of the most over used countries to portray antagonist. So why not use them again here.

Anyway Vanquish has a story that has been over done so many times, I seriously thought I was playing Win Back Covert Ops on the N64 after the first cut-scene.
I honestly don't even want to talk about it, because it's that boring.

1. Terrorist Strike the US

2. They make some outlandish demands

3. A hero emerges to stop them

Do I need to go on?



The characters in vanquish are what you would expect from a Japanese game, except that the game takes place in the US. It is pretty odd to see the Japanese and Western styles merge here.

The main character (what's his name?) is a tool. He acts like a Hot Shot and is only a Hot Shot because I am good at the game. He's not a character that gets the player to even care about him in the slightest.

There are some other characters, but I haven't played enough of the game to even see most of them.



The gameplay in Vanquish is pretty much a clone of Gears of War.  I'm not saying that is a bad thing, but the only thing it has that is different is the ability to slide across the ground and slow down time (aka bullet time). As cool as it is at first, the novelty quickly wears off. The button layout is abysmal due to the game following the Gears formula so heavily.

The dive or dodge button is where you expect it to be, while the cover button is not. picking up weapons and ammo is an easy affair (just push and hold a certain button), but it would have been a lot simpler to just walk over the ammo to take it. It's not like I don't want to refill my ammo during a fire fight.

Other than that the game doesn't  have a whole lot going for it. Which is really unfortunate.



The music in vanquish is not for everyone. I mean who the hell wants to listen to a 10 second song loop for the entire duration of a mission? What is this NES days? Are they serious?

The voice work is crap too. Don't get me wrong, the character voices aren't annoying in the least bit. It's just the script is so cheesy you'll wonder what Platinum Games was thinking. The lip syncing is off too.... way off (can anyone say Godzilla?)

Just incase your unaware of what I mean... When someone stops talking their mouths still move. Lame! This is 2010, lets get with the program.



The game looks great! I can't complain about that. From what I witnessed the game had no frames drop during the crazy actions moments. Which is great seeing how many things are on screen at once. The game isn't the most stunning visuals I've ever seen, but they are very nice none the less.

The cut-scenes are nicely done too, well the action ones are. It's too bad the cheesy one liners ruin some of the better moments.



For those completion whores out there, be ready for a pretty easy ride. Vanquish offers a pretty easy list of achievements/trophies. Nothing to difficult, and pretty uninspired as well.

If any of you Jimmys can get past the first act, and can find a reason to keep going let me know. Prove me wrong and give me a good reason to pick this game back up and finish it. As for right now Vanquish is a huge let down...





Vanquish is availible for the PS3 and Xbox 360 October 19, 2010


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Release Date: Oct 19, 2010

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