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By iorilamia — January 15, 2011
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-This is a long summary on how I was addicting to animal crossing and why-

I always game in my free time now, but I was trying to think back to when a game first grasped me and locked me within its world. I gamed pretty casually until the Sims came out in 2000 and I was 8. But the addiction quikly ended when people started dying and they kept releasing expansions. Shortly after that the game that made me forget about the real world for hours and hours on end for about a year or two was Animal Crossing in 2001. Theirs nothing out of the ordinary about the game besides everyone you meet are animals. You have a house, you buy shit for it, make paintings to put outside grow plants, catch fish and interact with neighbors. What made this game so beyond addicting was the upkeep. If your house was dirty, roaches would appear and you would get less FuenShui points from these people that review houses and give out awards. Those beautiful plants in my lawn would die if I dont take care of them and weeds go apeshit if you dont take care of those either. The game had a store run by a man named Tom Nook. Buy seeds to grow trees or a new bed to go along with the chair you found down by the stream. What took even more time, was relationships. You live in a decent sized town with a bunch of neighbors, you basically trade, talk and befriend them, they can help you in a time of need. But if you don't send people birthday cards or visit once in a while, they get emo or rage and leave town, then a whole new animal comes in, with a whole new prsonality. The game not only took place in real time, but it had real events! If it was New Years Eve and you were playing Animal Crossing at midnight, the towns people and The Mayor gathered around the fountain and lit fireworks and celebrated, After opening my christmas presents IRL, pop in animal crossing to see what Cindy the Pig gave me, oh cool its a shitty shirt, just like IRL. Every major holiday had shit going on, also the game had expansion. Your shitty 1 room house could become  2 floors and a basement, also the shit you catch fill up the museum and the General Store you bought from became a supermarket. I guess the real time element + interactions with people is how I wasted so much time on this game, basically living in a shitty nintendo virtual world running errands for people and stuff ust trying to get ahead in some way really made the time fly. I've missed dinners and shit over animal crossing, just playing it when I got home until i fell asleep. It sounds lame when I look back on it, but many of children have had the same experience. And when the new animal crossing was released on the Wii, i did not get it for one simple reason, I wasn;t going to put in THAT MUCH TIME for kinda nothing, except it had voice chat and online play, that was the most tempting shit ever, to interact with REAL people, but then again I would waste even more time. I'm going to stop here because I don't think anyone wants to read 4 pages worth of ridiculous time spent playing animal crossing and experinces.

So what was the first game(s) that you REALLY got addicted to , why, and would you play it again? Leave a comment below.


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