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By Legend_Flare — February 3, 2011
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Was just thinking how frustrating Silent Hill has become. Blogged it!

(I may release some spoilers for SH4 so just warning you)

So tell me why I loved Silent Hill 4 and party much everyone else except for my sister, Stew, and Knife kid hates it.

I have Silent Hill: Homecoming which is like supposed to be SH5 but the combat system is garbage and the monsters are just as annoying and repetitive to take down... I think they should have left it the way it was. They change the system because they say technology is getting better or whatever.. Well this is what I experience when fighting any monster on Silent Hill: Homecoming. (Monster creeps down from ceiling) Me: OMG! Ah creepy monster limping towards me! (Monster makes it up to me and I have to hit the dodge button about 13 times as monster blocks every other hit and recoils in knocking me to the ground, constantly having to get back up) Me: ......-.- boring combat

So either I suck or they should not have overestimated themselves while making this game.. I also find the plot line very uninteresting, as where Henry Townshend on SH4 was holed up in his apartment where new creepy shit pops up in places you would never expect (except for the TV going on and off by itself lol) but seriously?! Babies coming out of your living room wall!? A head falling outside your window and then raising slowly back up to the roof? A slutty bitch you meet at the subway station ending up in a bath full of blood in you're bathroom?! A burning chocolate milk bottle on your kitchen counter!? Dead cat in your fridge!? Yourself covered in blood looking right back at you through the peephole of your front door!? Who knows how long he, or rather you had been standing there!... Not to mention the shoes that walk themselves WTF now that is creepy.

I have always liked psychological horrors and Silent Hill had that as a spectral point and to me it seems to be less of that and more of just fighting and dodging random monsters on Silent Hill: Homecoming.

This Story may be biased but it is just what I experienced :P


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