Community Blog: WOW on XboxLive?

de bad shot Posted by: de bad shot Mar 31, 2010 | 3 comments
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The world of warcraft is hitting Xbox, virgins across the world rejoice!

    Well my friends the day has come, storm clouds gather over Xbox Live as the fabled land of untouched virgins decends upon all unsurspecting paitrains of Xbox Live. This news sent chills down my spine. To think soon millions of dweebs will flood our ranks and with them will enter the many fanatics who punch holes in their walls when things dont go their way. Kids who run away from home and die from starvation.

    Well friends this is the end of days, Ragnarok, 2012 times 1 million. life as we know it is about to change. When you want to sit down and enjoy some casual shooting with your closest friends, they however will be chasing the green dragons of Averoth. Soon they will stop talking, bairthing, eating, and finaly, they will just die from the addiction. The only ray of light this brings is the kick ass episode of intervention it will spawn.


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