Community Z.O.E.: Zone of the Enders to return on the 3DS?

By neiogeo — August 16, 2011
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Hideo Kojima's at it again! An image posted on his Twitter page recently has fans buzzing with there another Z.O.E. on the way?

Titled "Z.O.E.: 3DZ" behind the series' protagonist orbital frame "Jehuty" , the picture was posted on Hideo Kojima's twitter page, citing that this was sitting on Takahiro Omori's desk at Konami Headquarters.

Takahiro Omori's work can be seen throughout the "Metal Gear Solid" franchise and the first "Zone of the Enders".

Speculation has run rampant throughout the Konami Community that Mr. Omori's onboard for some kind of adaptation of the original ZOE, or an entirely new outing, exclusively for the 3DS.

The last time ZOE entered the handheld arena was with 2002's "Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars", a neo-strategy/RPG set years after the events of the first two games. The title received mixed reviews for its' story and visuals and its' unique FPS-esque battle interface. The franchise has been on hiatus since then, only appearing in anime form as "Zone of the Enders:IDOLO" and the OVA "Zone of the Enders: Dolores".

Hideo Kojima, did, however, announce that "Zone of the Enders 3" would happen in the near future...

What do you guys think? Zone of the Enders' art style would work perfectly on the 3DS, with its' neon TRON-like visuals already employing that "3D" feel.

Also, we have to figure the 3DS could heavily benefit from more AAA titles from companies like Konami to bring in fan interest and spur up sales. The question is, if true, could a ZOE game reel in new fans willing to shell out the cash for the 3DS and the game?

Only time, and Kojima-san will tell.


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