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Duke Nukem Forever Demo Detailed

By: Cinderkin Oct 7, 2010 | 5 Comments

I've copied and pasted an article talking about an upcoming demo for Duke Nukem Forever. Not because I'm lazy, but because typing anymore than this about Duke will just Depress me.

Those of you that are anxiously awaiting your opportunity to play Duke Nukem Forever should be aware that 2K Games today announced that picking up a copy of Gearbox Software’s Borderlands Game Of The Year Edition, releasing October 12 for PC, PS3, and 360, will grant you early access to highly-anticipated Duke demo.

Yep, those that pick up the GOTY version of Borderlands will receive a key to the “Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club” granting its members access to various exclusive goodies including the demo before it is publicly released.

Only thing – we don’t know when that will be… 2K only states that the demo will be released “prior to the retail launch of the game”, which is currently slated for sometime next year. Also, we don’t know how much lead time the fancy pants First Access Club members will have before the Duke demo becomes publicly available.

Of course, we’ll keep you informed, but those of you on the fence about Borderlands Game Of The Year Edition might have just received your purchase incentive.


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Duke Nukem Forever is real

By: BatRastered Sep 3, 2010 | 8 Comments

Gearbox is finishing up DNF for Take Two

Well, it's official. As rumored 3 weeks ago, Gearbox has picked up development on Duke Nukem Forever and there is a playable demo on the show floor at PAX right now.

I'm not sure how I feel about this, as Duke Nukem 3D was a game I spent a lot of time with... in 1996. Games have come a long way since then and Duke needs a lot more than just a graphical update to stay competitive. Will there be online co-op? Can you level up like in Borderlands? How many weapon types are there? It's not coming until 2011 so we have plenty of time to find out, but from the video I've seen of the demo, it looks like a late 90's shooter (except with better graphics, of course). Beyond its name, I don't see what this game has going for it.

I really hope this doesn't steal too much focus from the inevitable Borderlands sequel (and I'm still looking forward to the new DLC for Borderlands set to release this month).



Hail to the king, baby. Duke is not dead.

By: BatRastered Aug 11, 2010 | 9 Comments

Gearbox is allegedly picking up development on the previously cancelled Duke Nukem Forever

Well fuck, I thought I was done hearing about Duke Nukem Forever, but apparently it lives on.

Rumor has it that Gearbox (developers of Borderlands and famous for porting the first Halo to the PC) has taken on the mantle of finishing the project (Take Two owns the rights).

I'm so not excited by this, I'd rather they focus on Borderlands 2. I have a feeling DNF is going to suck. (Funny that the initials for Duke Nukem Forever are the same as Did Not Finish.)

Kotaku alleges that there will be a playable demo at PAX this September.

I really fucking hope this is BS.

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