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About: Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (x)

FnJimmy is one of the cheesiest, nuabest players on Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3. Watch what happens when he goes Denjin Ryu style against Choke.

Will FnJimmy finally be able to take the title from GoukiJones. Will GoukiJones' Hawkeye be too much for FnJimmy's ULTIMATE Nemesis cheese? Check out the latest showdown in HD.

Goukijones, BatRastered, Choke, and FnJimmy talk about games that are coming in 2012, FnJimmy is still playing Skyward Sword, what's happening at EVO this year and more.

The podcast is back after the holiday break! Listen to the cast of tell it like it is about 2012.

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GoukiJones will defend his #Gouki World Title against FnJimmy in 1 more match. Will FnJimmy's team of Nemesis, She-Hulk, and Ryu finally be able to overcome GoukiJones' Ghost Rider, Hsien-ko and Hawkeye. FnJimmy ... Poison tip and have a nice death.

You know we're not pro right? But we do practice and personally I've been taking ultimate very seriously. Studying and watching tournaments/pros, trying to learn new stuff. You can definitely see after watching SCR this passed weekend, I've picked up so new Hsien-ko stuff. Most just getting her across the screen. She easily one of the least mobile characters in the game. Nobody used Ghost Rider that I saw at SCR, so wtf. Hawkeye players showed me some new OTG moves I didn't know, but I struggled incorparating them in these matchs againt FnJimmy. Check out this HD video and find out if we will crown a new champion.

Don't be a Jimmy! Vote, comment and share. Leave some tips below if you know something about any of these characters you'd like to share.

What the hell is Heroes & Heralds mode? I need to collect Ability Cards? Is this DLC free? And is it available for PSN & XBL? I don't know the answer to any of these really, but you can check out what I posted in the story.

From Capcom

The free Heroes & Heralds mode DLC for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on PS3 and X360 is available today for download.  In addition, Capcom is pleased to confirm that the Heroes & Heralds mode will be included standard in the upcoming PlayStation Vita version of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. A new trailer highlighting the PS Vita-specific features is now available for download on the press site.

Heroes & Heralds is a separate mode that adds new and customizable features to online and offline gameplay. Players will choose between two factions – Heroes or Heralds– and will engage in a series of battles with the opposing side to help save the world or take it over. Gameplay in the Heroes & Heralds mode will be altered through the acquisition of Ability cards that range from basic alterations (speed boost) to game-changing, combo enhancing powers (invisibility or ability to pass through projectiles). Cards can be used in online and offline versions of the Heroes & Heralds modes as well as the training mode. Ability cards are based on classic Marvel and Capcom characters.

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GoukiJones will defend is title against FnJimmy for the third time. Will FnJimmy's practice and new team of Nemesis, She-hulk and Denjin Ryu be enough to handle the wrath of GoukiJones' Hsien-ko, Ghost Rider & Hawkeye? #dontbeajimmy

Prepare thyself for thy doom!

This is the second time I've seen this. I didn't get a chance to experiment at all while she was frozen in the air. I would love to know if this has happened to anyone else. Don't be a Jimmy. (I guess I shoulda asked, who uses Hsien-ko first.)

I know this video is terrible, but you can still see the glitch. And if there are any other players in the world that use Hsien-ko or even better, this combination of characters - let me know if this has happened to you. I've tried to recreate this, but no luck. This is actually the second time this glitch has happened. Now I don't know if she's invincible while she is just stand there in mid-air, I would instinctively protect her from Choke's bogus Spencer. So you tell me. We also just ordered some new computer parts for the stream machine which should improve performance.

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Goukijones, BatRastered, Choke, and FnJimmy talk about Robin DLC, Jimmy playing Halo CE, Steam, and some contest winners. Also, we're totally drunk.

This is our drunkest podcast yet. Find out about FnJimmy's peruvian vision.

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Another "lovely" battle as FnJimmy likes to put. The Fruit! Get railed Jimmy!

FnJimmy wants to refer to me as a paper champion. The stats speak for themselves. Scoreboard baby. So I had 1 hour of practice that day. FnJimmy wanna talk about practice? Practice?! All the sudden I swing Ghost Rider's chain a lil better and FnJimmy thinks I've been training with Justin Wong, again. Nuuuuuuuuab!

Leave some comments. Don't be a Jimmy!

Another instant classic featuring GoukiJones and FnJimmy.

GoukiJones showing off his slightly more honed Ghost Rider and Hawkeye, but still lookin' like a nuab. FnJimmy with no NEW characters, but he has switched out Zero for She-Hulk. Don't be a Jimmy

Goukijones, BatRastered, and FnJimmy talk about Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Halo CE Anniversary, and still playing Skyrim and BF3

Listen here, Jimmy!

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Featuring a new character from UMvC3 in each match. We did this just to show off regular gamers playing Ultimate for the first time. We hope you enjoy our tournament. Includes FnJimmy's redemption match. #dontbeajimmy

Round 1

Player 1 Choke VS Player 2 FnJimmy

Featuring Phoenix Wright, Nemesis T-Type, & Firebrand

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