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3D Dot Game Heroes-First Impression

By: reipuerto May 11, 2010 | 1 Comments

In a kingdom of pixel…

Every now and then, a third party develops a gem of a game. A game that might even pay respect to other games of it’s kind but add it’s own flavor. 3D Dot Game Heroes is it. From Silicon Studio and published by Atlus in North America.

Upon starting the game, the screen is literally a gorgeous pixel in HD. Before you select “New Game” go to the options and change the loading screens, and turn them on. You’ll thank me later. Once you select “New Game” you can pick from five to seven pages of preset Heroes. And each page has around 15 Heroes! It’s the game’s character select screen. This is where you smile. There are heroes that are from samurai, tanks, SHARKS, DRAGONS, ROBOTS, wizards, the king himself, a DOG, and many more! I tried to create my own hero, one of the games’ strong point, but that process would’ve taken me long than expected. You can create and ANIMATE the Hero’s SIX movement.

The game starts off by presenting the player of Dotnia’s back story of a hero that slayed a demon with the help of six sages. Once the story is done, you play as a unknown hero(which is the same hero that slayed the demon) and you take control of him. The task, place the master swo- I mean, the Hero’s sword on a sword and thennn you wake up... It was a dream from your avatar! The guards then barge in on you sleeping and ask you to see the King which they escort you to. The king informs you of your ancestor, the hero that slayed the demon, that it’s your turn to take arms and do the same. You start off by getting a wooden sword and shield, and the king tells you to fetch the hero’s sword in some forest.

The controls are fluent! A simple press of the button gives you get a long stab and you’re good to go. For more advance players, you could stab and move the D-pad and perform a spin strike. Tell me if I’m going too fast… Once you find the sword, a fairy then accompanies you on your journey. Yes! You’re not alone now! Now you head back to the king to be informed about the six sages and helps you to find the first one. DONE. I gotta stop here…. This game starts off like Zelda way too much. Nothing wrong here. The Zelda classics will always be a classic. But if you played the original Zelda now, you’d be lost. Why? There’s so much to explore that you can get lost in the over world! I honestly got lost once just looking around trying to find my way to the forest! With no hint guide on the original one, this one is slightly better. The town’s people all make jokes of themselves about the 3D being “Hard to keep clean because there’s more to see.” I laugh on that, but the loading screens, as mentioned earlier, are great! There’s even an Easter egg on Demon’s Souls with this kid that wants to trade his demon game that is too hard for him! I died laughing there!
This game has already made me smile and it’s only the beginning.

I can’t wait till I finish the game and see the outcome of the kingdom of Dotnia.

Nobody even lists 3D Dot Game Heroes going on sale today. Same thing happened with Demon's Souls. Lost Planet 2, who? and other deals ...

Reipuerto picked up 3DDGH's today so ask him for his first impressions I'm not too excited to play that game. The same and even more so goes for Lost Planet 2, I hated the first one. I'll pass.

Deals don't look too hot this week Jimmy.


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What is up with Atlus games?! Are the banned from retail stores or what? 

3DDGH is not listed in any ads.

Amazon.com has  3D Dot Game Heroes for $36.99 


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3D DOT GAME Heroes?

By: reipuerto Apr 9, 2010 | 8 Comments

“He” wears a BLUE tunic…

3D Dot Game Heroes is a new game from Silicon Studio, and being published by Altus and FROMSOFTWARE, the same people that brought the brilliant game, Demon’s Souls.

The story involves of a 2D kingdom called Dotnia(pronounced Dot-knee-a) that was threaten by an evil that stole six magical orbs. A hero wielding a shield and sword had slayed the beast and brought peace to the kingdom. But you know evil never sleeps ... and neither does a hero! In the “new 3D era” the evil returns and the kingdom needs a hero once again!

But what makes this a real heroes tale is the fact you can create your own hero. You can make anyone with a detailed 3D perimeter. SO you can already see the many Link, Megaman, Dante, Kid Incurs, and many more. I can even imagine the penis men that online will bring. The game will give tribute to the classic with it’s loading screen and Zelda gameplay.

3D Dot Game Heroes is a game developed by Silicon Studio and published by FromSoftware, Atlus, and SouthPeak games, and dated to be released in North America on May 11th, 2010 exclusive on the Playstaion 3 and retails at $39.99 USD. Find it cheaper?!  

3d dot game heroes
3D Dot Game Heroes on sale free shipping


With this price, you Jimmys better not cheap out!



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