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Lots of Nintendo related artwork coming soon from Bottleneck Gallery out of Brooklyn, NY, and a new Mario Kart print

Bottleneck Gallery based out of Brooklyn, NY is doing a show called 3NES, where each artist they've contacted for the show must do a piece related to each of of Nintendo's "Big 3":   Mario, Zelda, and/or Metroid.

The show opens this Friday, September 6th, and here is a preview of some of the artwork that's been unveiled so far

Carlos Lerma

Here's the full set from Lerma:

Glen Brogan

Jesse Phillips

Jorsh Pena

Russ Moore

Kim Herbst

Kim Herbst

Harlan Elam

Cig Neutron

Ricardo Chucky's 3

JP Valderrama

There will be two online preview sales of prints from the show this Thursday:  10-10:45 am PST, and 5-5:45 pm PST. Any available artwork after the preview and actual show opening will be available at the site on Saturday.

Lastly, today saw the release of the first that I know of Mario Kart art print.   Available at Nakatomi, Inc.   The print is called Drifting Into Darkness and is by Russ Moore

Here's the regular:

and variant:

With the release of the remastered version of Ducktales having been released a few weeks ago comes the inevitable(?) flood of limited edition art prints

We all saw it coming.    Okay none of us probably saw it coming, but for some reason, home of Tyler Stout, Olly Moss, and all the other artists with near impossible to get limited edition art prints is releasing 6(!!!) art prints tomorrow morning at a random time depicting Scrooge, the boys, and some duck witch I've never seen in my life.

I have a feeling these won't sell out instantly, but then again some have very small edition sizes so some of them probably will.

keep an eye out for @mondonews on twitter for the exact release time (which usually is fruitless in a quest to score a print from them, but in this case maybe not)

Here are the prints (they usually run about $40-$60:

JJ Harrison (featuring the full cast)

Scrooge by DKNG (regular edition)

Scrooge (Variant) by DKNG

Nephews by Anne Benjamin

Magica De Spell by Phantom City Creative

Magica De Spell (Variant)

Still available if these dont tickle your fancy is Dave Perillo's take on Ducktales, in what might just be the best one of the bunch

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Fightstick Design Ideas

By: iorilamia Jul 4, 2011 | 9 Comments

Recently I've gotten very interested in custom fightsticks and had some ideas of my own.

Custom fight sticks are badass! I've been looking at a lot of them and the artwork and part replacements have really impressed me. Unfortunately I don't have photoshop and I suck with MS paint. That didn't stop me from having some rough drafts of what I had in mind (some friends said they would help me out). Anyways, here are some ideas I had that are still in working progress, also some parts I was thinking of.

Mainly the artwork ideas are centered around having Kim, Juri and Iori. Originally I wanted to fit in Anji Mito from GG, but that would be too cluttered. In the future I'd like something with him and the nuns from ArcanaHeart ; Clarice and Elsa.

My first crack at it. Looks like ass, wasn't sure what to make as a background (maybe some huge omnipotent picture of Anji? Or just colors. Please let me know what you think should be added to it)

This was my second attempt. The fight stick template isn't in but you can imagine it. I thought the inverted Juri made a godlike background. With Kim and Iori on both sides. A friend of mine said it was too plan though, I kind of agree (but then again, it would look neater with the template)

I had a few other trials and errors but they all looked pretty ass. So my friend made me one, which is BEAUTIFUL and we might meet-up and try to brainstorm a bit (since he actually has skills with this stuff and I don't know wtf is going on)

Oh his looks so legit :p Anyways besides using higher res pictures and getting rid of the white edges on my pics (purpose sloppy job, just a draft) what do you guys think should be changed? Or maybe if you do this type of stuff and would like to create some / take requests that would be cool too!


And here are my ideas for accessories


Seimitsu LB-39 Bubble Top, Violet

Dark Blue and Black/Violet Sanwa buttons


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