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Crimson Relic

Assassins Creed: Revelations - Review from Crimson Relic

By: Crimson Relic Jan 6, 2012 | 1 Comments

How does AC: Revelations stack up against the other games in the series? Find out in my review.

          Where to begin? How about the beginning? So I pop this baby in and get treated to a pretty killer CG scene.  After playing for about 30 mins, I get through the introduction and into the city of Constantinople. Some things I notice right off is that they have changed the way your health bar looks, as well as the map. Also Eagle Vision(if you don't know what this is, play an AC game) has been mapped to the right analog button instead of Y or Triangle(depending on what console you're playing on) and that button is now how you use shooting weapons such as the throwing knives or hand gun.  Why the devs decided to change all this in the third part of the Ezio trilogy is beyond me, but I get accustomed to it anyway.

     I start playing the game proper and it's the usual AC stuff. New things that are added are a Hookblade to make traversing the buildings a little faster and allows you to utilize various "ziplines" around the city. Also, they added a bomb-making mechanic which was touted as having "hundreds of combinations" for different bombs. I'm sure this is true, but I only used a select few and not very often in the game at all. It was easier for me to just take out my enemies in all of the usual ways - Crossbow, Swords, Hidden Blade, Throwing Knives and Handgun.

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