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Video Games X Netflix is taking over.

Diceman voiced by Wayne Brady and there could possibly be some bitches gettin’ choked. Other news; Cast photo of the live action Resident Evil series, Witcher season 2 teaser, and a Splinter Cell cartoon?!

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Street Fighter Stupidity: Edited videos mocking the SF cartoon

By: Phresh Jan 17, 2011 | 8 Comments

Remember the SF cartoon? It was terrible. Here's about 35 minutes of it.

These are videos from the Street Fighter cartoon edited by the youtube user theswitcher. He's also remixed the Mortal Kombat cartoon, darkstalkers, and even Fatal Fury.

There's parts 1, 2, hd remix, and hd remix turbo and they're listed below in order.









Street Fighter fan films

By: goukijones May 7, 2010 | 3 Comments

Any of these Street Fighter fan films destroy the ones made by Hollywood Jimmys. Check out some of my favorites ...

This first one is the newest one to join the ranks of awesome Street Fighter fan films. I've seen this a few times now and recommend everyone to watch it. It's really cool, the costumes are awesome and Gouki is in it.


One of the first Street Fighter films I ever saw on the internet is Street Fighter the Later Years and takes place some years after Street Fighter II. All of the characters are working and living normal lives now in New York City. In this episode we finally catch up to Guile, what has he been doing these days? He's a hot dog vendor. I love the scene where he goes to the Capcom offices and demands royalties, you gotta watch this one.


This is one of my favorite foreign Street Fighter videos. Future Cops/Street Fighter is from China and I'm pretty sure no license. I had a bootleg copy on old school VHS Jimmy! I now have an official copy of this movie. Future Cops!


This one is from Korea ... I don't know about this one Jimmy, you tell me.


LOL. Classic. If you haven't seen this one you are some kind of nuab. How could you call yourself a Jackie Chan fan?


This is a stage performance. Just listen to the crowd they are so pumped up. Awesome stage show.


And finally one for the road. Not necessarily funny, live action or a fan film. This is more up Chokes ally. Don't be a Jimmy!


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