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Arthvader Talks: E3 wishlist and thoughts

By: Arthvader May 13, 2012 | 4 Comments

With E3 only a month away, I thought now would be the time to talk about some of the games I'm most interested in at E3 this year.

    I honestly can't wait for E3 to arrive next month. There's going to be alot of talk in regards to what's coming out later this year, as well as next year. With that said, here's some of the games I'll be anticipating the most.

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Darksiders II has been announced finally. The original is a Gouki.com editors choice and we're thrilled to hear about the sequel or are we?

The original Darksiders was like a grown up Zelda I always wanted. It's one of my favorite games. Excellent story, graphics and most importanly gameplay. Check out my Darksiders review and FnJimmy's first ever Golden Video Review Darksiders.

When the first game ended, I swear there was a shot of War's brothers coming to earth. This was the lead in for the sequel. Going back to my take on this game being like a grown up Zelda I was really hoping to see something like that gameboy game, The 4 Links. Where you have to team up and do the puzzles in the dungeons. Darksiders set this up perfectly. However the nubs over at DToid are talkin' this nonsense.

"Darksiders II is aiming to be a deeper experience, with NPC interaction and a detailed loot system. Seems they'll be bringing in a lot more RPG elements this time around, which I certainly won't say no to."

That's not what I wanted to hear, but it DToid, those Jimmys probrably talking out of their ass. I don't mind loot systems and weapon and armor upgrades, but I was happy with the way Darksiders was set up. Either, this game is totally on my list to check out next week at E3.

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