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By Arthvader — May 13, 2012
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With E3 only a month away, I thought now would be the time to talk about some of the games I'm most interested in at E3 this year.

    I honestly can't wait for E3 to arrive next month. There's going to be alot of talk in regards to what's coming out later this year, as well as next year. With that said, here's some of the games I'll be anticipating the most.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

     I've been a fan of the Tekken series for a long time now, and to already know that this game will be coming out in September, I can't wait to play it with friends, The console port is going to be based off the latest arcade port, Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited, which will allow players to fight in various styles, whether it's 2 on 2, 1 on 1, or even 2 on 1. There will also be a Fight Lab mode, which seems to be a type of training mode that seems to be very interesting. With the fact that Harada is going to be at E3 to announce more fighters ( you can find a link to my story relating to this particular news in the bottom of the story), I can't wait for this game to come out.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

     Sure, I could go and talk about Borderlands 2, but at the moment, This game should take more precedence. Being worked on by both Gearbox and Sega, This game has been looking very promising for a while now. One thing I'm looking forward to are the new types of Xenomorphs that Gearbox promises to make, as well as the unique co-op play, and the story as well.

Dead or Alive 5

    Just like with Tekken, I've also been a fan of the Dead or Alive series for a long time now. based off the trailers I've been seeing for a while now, I can see that they are really trying to aim for that dramatic style of fighting. I was also surprised that there will be characters from Virtua Fighter going join in as guest characters. Akira was already confirmed, and if the leaked list was true, then I can also expect Pai and Sarah to be in as well.

Darksiders 2

     To save it for last, I decided to put Darksiders 2 on my list. I'm a fan of Darksiders, ever since I first won the game from here at last year (along with bonus figure). Heck, I've even gotten all the achievements on my first run of Darksiders, while playing it on Apocalyptic Difficulty (if you don't believe me, look at my achievement list for the game Here ). Anyways, The reason why this is on my list is becuase of the fact that you'll be playing as Death this time around, trying to clear War's name for what had happened in the first game. Also, the fact the the other Horsemen will make an appearance in the game makes it interesting when it comes to the story. I also can't wait to see how much bigger the world will be, especially the dungeons and the cities.


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