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Dungeon Fighter on XBLA get's first trailer

By: Arthvader Jan 25, 2012 | 3 Comments

Just as the title depicts, the first trailer for Dungeon Fighter Live is up.

A couple of days ago, Nexon released a trailer for the XBLA port of  MMO Beat-em'-up RPG Dungeon Fighter Online, now called Dungeon Fighter Live: The Fall of Hendon Myre. Here's the trailer:

Dungeon Fighter Live: The Fall of Hendon Myre is based on it's PC counterpart, Dungeon Fighter Online, which first launched in Korea back in 2005, and North America eventually received it five years later. the game is developed by Neople - a subsidiary of Nexon, while it will be published by Microsoft Studios. the game promises to provide the same, yet familiar control system as it's PC counterpart, but will be playable in 720P resolution.

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Dungeon Fighter Online coming to xbox live!

By: iorilamia Mar 23, 2011 | 6 Comments

Xbox users rejoice, a win game is coming your way.

PC game Dungeon Fighter Arad Senki is an action-adventure RPG with a oldschool arcade feel. Theres several different classes you choose with skill building and special attributes. Besides the obvious co-op dungeon crawling, the game has a pretty sweet PvP system.  Nexon Korea announced they are making an xbox live version of it, that will be the same as the pc version! Yes it will be available in America, no release date yet but this is definately something to keep your eyes on towards the end of this year.

Besides being an AMAZING pc game, it also spun off into a badassnice anime called " Slap-Up Party Arad Senki" which loosely followed the game, but ended up having its own great and entertaining story. If you guys rather play games on xboxlive, your day will come. Or if you are new to the game and want to check out the pc version, go here http://dungeonfighter.nexon.net/

Source: http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2011/03/24/alad_senki_x360/


Have any of you played Dungeon Fighter Online or watched Slap-Up Party? I loved both of them!  No pricing details on the 360 version, would they price it even though the game is free online? It's an Item Mall type game aswell, that would milk out lots of xboxlive points if they go that route ;)  Leave your commnets and thoughts below, don't be a jimmy.


Heres one of the old trailers, to give you a glimspe of the game, uploaded by http://www.youtube.com/user/machinima

Dungeon Fighter Online

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