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By Arthvader — January 25, 2012
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Just as the title depicts, the first trailer for Dungeon Fighter Live is up.

A couple of days ago, Nexon released a trailer for the XBLA port of  MMO Beat-em'-up RPG Dungeon Fighter Online, now called Dungeon Fighter Live: The Fall of Hendon Myre. Here's the trailer:

Dungeon Fighter Live: The Fall of Hendon Myre is based on it's PC counterpart, Dungeon Fighter Online, which first launched in Korea back in 2005, and North America eventually received it five years later. the game is developed by Neople - a subsidiary of Nexon, while it will be published by Microsoft Studios. the game promises to provide the same, yet familiar control system as it's PC counterpart, but will be playable in 720P resolution.

To be honest, I can't wait for this game to come out. I still play the living daylights out of it's PC counterpart. What got me interested in this game was it's mix of RPG and arcade style Beat-em'-up. of the three characters that will be playable (from what i saw in the trailer), I'll most likely be using the Gunner character, just because of the fact that I still use him on the PC, as well as the fact that he has a Gatling gun. I'm looking forward for this game when it comes out. Hopefully, we could see some four player co-op delivering mayhem.


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