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Ubisoft Booth E3 2013 GJ vs FNJ Exclusive Video

By: goukijones Jun 30, 2013 | 1 Comments

GoukiJones & FnJimmy talk about Ubisoft & some random Jimmy walks thru the shot. E3 2013. Some fuckin' nuab walking thru the shot.

Shout out to Ubisoft, thank you for allowing us to raid your booth & check out all of the games. Well we didn't see Watch Dogs, but I don't need to waste time at E3 on a game that is coming out in the next couple of months. We saw it during the press conference & it pretty much looked the same last year & was still on schedule. That demo was going to be basically more of the same. 

We saw the Stick of Truth, now everybody remember this was a THQ game last year & was actually supposed to be released in March. Well THQ crashed & Ubisoft got the rights to this game. So I was interested to see how/if any of the game was changed. The last time I saw it was at SDCC. Now you can fight on the outside of instanced fights. Oh man, what am I trying to say. Say you're walking around in the over world, well in South Park you have the option to use a sling shot or whatever they had & take out 1 of the baddies, then run up to the guy next to him, touch him & then go into battle. I don't really know how well that is going to work in the game overall, but it seemed pretty smooth during the demo. BTW this game looks just like the show, it's amazing. Super hype!

AC17, skipped it. Don't care.

The car racing game where you're taking down money trucks. Looks cool. But it's cars, it's bullshit.

We saw the Guitar game. People will never play anything like Guitar Hero again, when you can play with a real guitar & actually learn a skill. It's expensive yeah, but just do what BatRastered says, go to the Pawn Shop & get some Jimmy ass guitar for like $40 bucks & start playing. 

The Division was the only really unique thing we saw. Unfortunately it was the same exact demo as the press conference. Maybe there was a little more explained to us, but basically the same shit. This game looks dope, we of course had tons of questions about how the open world & VS stuff works, but they weren't talking about any of that right now. Classic E3. Got some cool swag tho. 

Congratulations to the June Jimmy of the Month. Congratulations to the E3 Swag Bag story contest winner. A special shout out to all members and I have 1 more thing to giveaway. Thanks to everyone visiting and contributing at Gouki.com.

If you listen to the Gouki.com Podcast and heard #35 by now, well then you already know that DragonKiss83 is the Gouki.com Jimmy of the Month for June 2012. Thank you very much for all of your contributions DragonKiss83. Thanks for calling me out on "quistions." Or whatever I typed. Sometimes it's just a flurry of finger twitches that gets stories up on Gouki. You will receive a free pre-order from Amazon's coming soon list and your choice of 2 games from the Gouki Shop. Please leave a comment below (I know you left that info in the podcast comments, just please do it again here for me.) of what game you would like us to pre-order for you and what 2 games you would like from the Gouki Shop, 1 must be a $4.20 special.

Arthvader. Nobody spends more time with me than Arthvader. I'm serious and I know that sounds strange, but Arthvader is always on the Live Stream. So we do speak a lot and I just wanted to say thanks Arth, it's fun to always have our quick chats about games and news on the stream. Thank you for your support. Also I'd like to congratulate you on winning the E3 Swag Bag.

Arthvader also won Jimmy of the Month for May and will receive a free pre-order from Amazon's coming soon list. 

Thank you to all the other members of Gouki, we really appreciate the support and are working hard everyday to make sure you enjoy our website. I have 1 more thing I'd like to giveaway, it's another E3 Swag Bag, but it's full of crap. Ok it isn't that bad, but it's not super great. To be entered to win this bag of crap, just leave a comment. 

Some of the items are ...

  1. A random t-shirt of a random size
  2. Random magazines
  3. Random wristbands
  4. Random buttons &/or pins
  5. Bethesda Speaker Boxes

We're gonna pick somebody from the comments below on Thursday. Anybody can win. The funny ones always have a better chance.

Announcement for Jimmy of the Month for July. We will giveaway 1 pre-order for the month of July if member content is more than 100 stories. So please get out there and encourage your friends to stop by and share their thoughts and opinions on video games. We'd also love to see some more art work. wtf MilkyPink?

Thanks again to everyone. We hope you enjoy the site, if not please tell us what the fuck. Vote, Comment and Share. Don't be a Jimmy!



E3 2012 Booth design rants and raves

By: BatRastered Jun 25, 2012 | 4 Comments

Have you been to E3 or another convention and just gaped in awe at how BAD some of the booths look or function? Like, what kind of human being thought THIS would be a good idea?

There are good booths and bad booths every year at E3, some are cramped and crowded, others just one big screen with nothing else to look at or play. Sometimes the booth design makes you stand back and say "WTF were they thinking?"

Check out this year's Capcom booth for example:

Capcom: Yeah, it's a big black box of nothingness. There's a Lost Planet 3 demo on one small corner and inside there are small rooms to play demos of DMC and RE6. For some reason, there was a pole dancer in the DMC room. I'm still not sure what that was about. What's worse, you had to wait in line to get a ticket to one of those rooms, then you stood in line with your ticket at the appropriate time. Uhhh... This is a trade convention, not Disneyland... right?

Contrast Capcom with Square, who gets it right every year. Square's booth has a big screen running their trailers with a large clear area in front of it with some benches. On either side of that, they have many open stations to play the games that they are showing to everyone and a few small rooms with non-playable demos running every 30 minutes (schedules clearly posted, I might add). Behind the counter, the press-only area has plenty of room where we saw a Tomb Raider demo. Well done. Our press stickers they gave us, even let us cut in line for the playable demos on the floor.

Then there's the good booths that have some weird or ridiculous feature... case in point, the giant red LED wall of the 2K booth. This could have just been a wall painted red, but no, they had to have a million LED lights and whatever ungodly sum of money that costs in both construction and electricity. The effect was to make me sick every time I had to walk by it, and to make the WB booth next door move a banner over to block the light from entering their booth. Look at this thing... the picture doesn't do it justice to how bright it was... trust me, it was uncomfortable to look at.

E3 2012 2K Booth

Someone thought this was a good idea... and paid for this!

What about that Transformers alcove in the Activision booth? Why do people feel the need to put roofs over this stuff and make it hot as balls in there since it blocks off the hall's AC from that room? Seriously, just put some kiosks out on the floor and a nice big screen to show your trailers and such. Why is that such an issue?


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E3 2012 Swag Bag Giveaway Shop At Home Video

By: goukijones Jun 25, 2012 | 4 Comments

Choke & GoukiJones return with another Shop At Home style video showing off all of the E3 swag Gouki.com is giving away this week. Enjoy your day with this video.

Here's the deal, to enter to win this Swag Bag all you have to do is write a story on Gouki.com that is video game relevant. 

The winner will be announced Friday June 29, 2012 on the Gouki Podcast. Jimmy of the Month for June will also win a free pre-order for ANY game. That's right as a special bonus this month we will pre-order any game you want. 

Read full story...

GoukiJones & FnJimmy play as many games as possible at E3 2012. After each play they both comment on their experience. Who wins this epic battle? The video is 17 minutes, so get some popcorn, sit back and enjoy.

Please leave any comments or questions below. I'm prepared to discuss anything from this video. Yes we are drinking actual Jack Daniels Whiskey straight up in the middle of the Microsoft booth. 

Jimmy got extremely sick after this week in L.A. Jimmy claimed it was because the hotel room was too cold. Negative. FnJimmy wouldn't stop touching his face on the show floor. So that's the reason for all those close up shots. So FnJimmy will remember next year to bring some hand sanitizer or go the restroom and actual wash his hand more frequently. 

Day 1 & 2 are short because we had some meetings and stood in a lot lines those days. Day 3 the plan was to bang out as many games as possible. You can see the pale drought look on my face. FnJimmy always looks the same except when he's queening out. 

Who wins this battle? GoukiJones or FnJimmy? Who had the best takes? Or you can base on who purely entertained you more in this video. Vote, Comment and Share. Don't be a Jimmy!

Please share this video if you find it informative or funny. Prolly more funny that informative right? :)

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