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Check out the pictures from Caffeine Chaos. Thanks to everyone for coming out to play. Thank you to all the spectators & to all of our sponsors. Holley's Cuppa, FSW, A Gamer's Paradise, WB Games, Capcom & Hit Box!

Thank you. 


Check out some of the hottest booth babes from E3. Exclusive pictures from GoukiJones.

E3 2013

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PAX 2012 GoukiJones' Picture Slideshow

By: goukijones Sep 12, 2012 | 3 Comments

PAX 2012 slideshow. Pictures of swag. Images from the show floor. Cosplay photos. Seattle Downtown shots. FnJimmy, BatRastered and GoukiJones.

Please allow me to apologies for FnJimmy's face. 

Team Gouki had a lot of appointments at PAX this year. I'm really lacking on my cosplay photography. I missed a lot. The pictures of the swag were included this time, because I wanted to remember what it was years from now. So expect to see all the swag images in the full-on slideshow from now. 

It should be noted that the Bane about to ride up the escalator was FnJimmy's favorite cosplay that he saw.

"That Bane was full-on." Actual FnJimmy quote. 

Jimmy, I could have worn the same outfit. Army pants, boots, wife beater, and a Halloween mask. 

The little Spartan is funny and big boy staring him down is even better.

FnJimmy has TOUTS to go with most of these pictures. 

Now the Solid Snake guy was full-on.

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Last weekend BatRastered and I had the pleasure of attending the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. This con is heavily supported by Gearbox Software & Disney. Also included is the CGE Gaming Museum, featuring the very first home console ever made in 1972.

The Classic Gaming Expo took place August 11-12, 2012 in Las Vegas, NV. At the Plaza hotel, downtown on Fremont Street. Visit their website http://www.cgexpo.com/info.htm if you want more information. I want to talk about some of these pictures. 

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While in Miami this week, I got to check out the PlayStation Vita event on South Beach. The event runs for the next 30 days or so and you get a bite to eat while you check out the PS Vita - Hands on. Plus there's a raffle for some amazing stuff.

Sony don't send me fuck all about any of their events. Luckily I just happened to be in town when a friend of mine tipped me off to a PlayStation Vita event happening right here on South Beach. My only question ... "Do they have Ultimate?" The answer is no. Even though, I've already seen and played the Vita since way back at E3 and at PAX and at CES, I still figured I show go an check it out. I'll tell the story with pictures. 

There were a lot of Jimmys there. The line stretched down the street. Sony Jimmys passed out some sweet PS Vita shirts to everyone in line. We arrived late of course. Gotta keep it gangsta. My buddy who tipped me off had already been and line and yes, I just cut in front of everyone behind him and acted like I belonged there. What are these PS fanboys going to do I thought. J/K :)

This nuab is showing me what he won in the raffle. A PS Vita can cooler. Later on these were scattered all over the room and anyone could just pick one up. He was thrilled though as you can see. Shout to ZNinja21.

The raffle was electronic and completely rigged obviously. No I don't know for reals. But we must have had 14 codes to enter between all of us and only collected that can cooler. Nubfarm!

I don't know what this place is during NON-PS Vita events, but they had some card tables and big soft chairs to sit in and try out the PS Vita. A ton of different games were available in different systems all over the room. There were plenty of PS Vita's to go around. (No Ultimate, I mentioned that right?)

I got my energy/tea drink or whatever they were passing out. They also had giant pizzas with tons of giants toppings, but I passed on that. Who serves greasy ass pizza during a hand held video game event. Sony? Disgustingness all over the place. I grabbed a seat and began my demo time. I didn't know WTF was going on.

I played the AR fighting game and this shouldn't be a surprise, but I had no idea how to control or exactly what to do. I'm still getting used the idea of having to move the system around to see what's happening. Sometimes the characters would walk out of view and well I didn't know what was going one.

I found the date and time stamp. WTF.

No clue what I'm doing in that picture above. I played some ModNation Racers, but I'd rather be playing some Mario Kart 7. I'm not interested in MNR at all anymore. The AR fighting game AKA Reality Fighters, looked pretty cool to be honest and isn't a bad idea, but I'm afraid this game may not get the attention it deserves. Not quite EVO material.

Uncharted 3 was there and that's the best thing going for the Vita right now. It may just sell a system to me. 

The screen is huge and Uncharted looks just as good as it's PS3 brother.

Also set up was the PlayStation 3 3D TV display. I'm so undecided about this.

I fuckin' hate non-inverted controls and changing it to how I want always confuses me. Vertical inverted? Camera horizontal inverted? What do I want? Why isn't it just inverted or not. WTF Naughty dog?

Look at this Reh-tard in the glasses. 3D is still unacceptable.

As a special bonus there was just a camera machine set up to take pictures of you and your friends. Or just yourself if you're a loner.

GoukiJones & StAtIcX2552 aka @hoho23 on the twitter.

GoukiJones & PrettyMiwa

Like I said, I don't know what the deal was with these cameras, but it was cool to get pictures to remember the event. Especially if you didn't have a cute Japanese girl with you taking pictures. Don't be a Jimmy.

If you want to read more or find out when the PS Vita event is coming to a town near you, check out the PlayStaion blog.

Pre-order a PS Vita.

Purchase Sony's PS3 3D TV Display. *Price reduced.

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