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E3 Sony's Press Conference 2011 Recap

By: reipuerto Jun 6, 2011 | 5 Comments

Missed the show? Come here to check out the highlights!

You missed the coverage? Don't worry Jimmy! Gouki's got you covered! He's a quick run down of Sony's Press Conference! Check it out!

Sony starts off with Jack Tretton apologizes with the network hack. It's a gracious way to start off the press show. Ok, let's see some games!

They started off with Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception gameplay footage. It looks great and this story will a great one to handle.

Then they showed off Resistance 3. The HUD, looks like Resistance 1, meaning no regeneration health. And Resistance 3 is getting a bundle! Dubbed The Doomsday Edition, it'll included the sharpshooter, PS Eye, game, wand and nunchuck, all for $150. Deal?

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The Rebirth Of Kratos

By: starlordtitus May 17, 2011 | 10 Comments

One wonders, what ever happened to Kratos after he stabbed himself with the Blade Of Olympus and apparently plummeted down over another infamous cliff?...

Kratos, once the God Of War, finally extracted his revenge upon the gods of Olympus. Eradicating all but 2, Athena who was now in a more pure higher plane of existence as an Olympian without the need of a physical body, and Aphrodite for all but the most obvious reason ;) Having completed his long journeyed task, Kratos dispersed the Power Of Hope through out the entire world after stabbing himself with the Blade Of Olympus. Athena was enraged as she desired the power to rule over all. She removed the power blade from the would be dead body of Kratos as life began to slip away from him. From there, Athena's first objective was to rebuild the world to be livable for all life once again. But as she took her leave, so did apparently Kratos.

A blood dripped trail led to the edge of the closest cliff. With the death of the most powerful warrior of all time seemingly certain, it would take all but the most unlikely miracle for the this infamous spartan to live. But as such was the way of things for him to survive, such a miracle did just happen to occur. An ancient and powerful ritual was unleashed from another dimension.

A powerful war lord by the name of Shao Kahn envoked such a ritual to summon this ever so powerful spartan, and granted him a fully recovered body along with all of his current weapons he recently used. With the intention of securing victory in Mortal Kombat, Shao Kahn finally had a warrior worth his service. But this warrior was never to be controlled, Kratos, with a will enough to defy all who would supress him, quickly concluded what had transpired, and in addition broke free of the chains of the ritual. Now back in control, Kratos' new and soon to be dead enemy, Shao Kahn, was his new target.

All too familar to a past clash with Zeus. Shao Kahn wasting no time, summoned  his deadly assassins and subordinates to dispatch of the Ghost Of Sparta. But this warrior had seed far to many blood shed for any of this new and strange warriors to pose much of a threat. He killed all of them with the full force of his rage, ripping through all opposition as he swung the mighty chains that held the Blades Of Exile at his arms. Shao Kahn quickly concluded that he needed throw more at the Spartan, and summoned Quan Chi, a powerful sorceror to summon his warriors at his disposal.

Kratos was now faced with two powerful warriors, Scorpion and Noob Saibot. Although the two warriors had no quarrel with the spartan, the devious Quan Chi, promised their every desired to be fullfiled to the thirst quenching max if they killed Kratos. Their agreement was quickly made and Scorpion took the initiative unleashed abilities, "GET OVER HERE" was yelled as his weapon of choice jetted towards Kratos, but the spartan was ready, deflecting with his Blades Of Exhile, and rushed forward to attack Scorpion, but in that moment, he was grappled by a dark figure, a clone of Noob Saibot was unleashed upon Kratos to hold him in place. Scorpion took advantage of the moment and went for the uppercut, but before he could connect, Kratos broke free of the clone as he knocked the clone away with the back of his head, avoiding the uppercut from Scorpion! Kratos seized the moment and thrusted his foot into the chest of Scorpion, knocking him to the ground.

Noob then sent another clone to grapple Kratos, but the spartan deflected the dark clone with his Golden Fleece and sent the dark energy back at the clone, knocking him to the ground. Now with both on the ground, Kratos with his Blades Of Exhile, threw his chained blades into the chest of both his enemies and viciously pulled them together, clashing their bodies against one another. Kratos then switched to his Nemian Cestus, and battered his opponents into the ground, crushing and crackling their bones. Severely injured, Quan Chi extracted his warriors with a powerful spell to be healed elsewhere. Shao Kahn now furious, realized he would have no choice but to step into the ring with the retired God Of War.

The two exhanged looks of discontent, and then Shao Kahn rushed in with his shoulder, taking the spartan by surprise and knocking off his feet. Shao Kahn immediately took out his hammer, but Kratos with his Boots Of Hermes, dodged the crushing blow to the ground. Now moving at incredible speed, Shao Kahn had difficutly tracking his movements and Kratos quickly returned the rushing blow. Now on the ground, Kratos took the opportunity to unleash Medusa's Gaze upon the war lord. Realzing what happening as his hands began to turn to stone, Shao Kahn jumped and double kicked Kratos to his chest.

The God Of War quickly regained his composure, but the war lord rained down on Kratos spears of energy. Kratos using the Boots Of Hermes dodged multiple spears. But ever the clever war lord, Shao Kahn threw 2 spears to both of Kratos' sides and then his powerful hammer. Kratos had been pincered! With now no escape, the spartan was cornered by the fast approaching projectiles! But Kratos would not SUBMIT! He quickly unleashed the full power of the Golden Fleece and successfully deflected all projectiles including the hammer back to Shao Kahn! Realizing he had no such defense, Shao Kahn leaped into the air and avoided the devasting deflecting energy! But upon his descent, Kratos was waiting for him...with his Nemian Cestus! And a POWERFUL uppercut to Shao Kahn was landed! The war lord crashed to the ground with a poweful impact. As Kratos immediately pulled out the Bow Of Apollo and rained down upon Shao Kahn multiple flaming arrows, setting him on fire! But Shao Kahn was not finished yet, he rose, body aflamed and furious.

Kratos took to the skies with the Wings Of Icarus for a gravity aided attack. But Shao Kahn, eyes glowing red, anti aired Kratos with a rising shoulder! Knocking the spartan out of the sky and setting his wings aflame! Kratos with the Boots Of Hermes, quickly tornadoed out the flames of this wings, but the Shao Kahn had rushed in that moment and grabbed the spartan by his throat and raised him. Kratos clenched at Shao Kahn's arm and swung his body forward and double kicked Shao Kahn in his face, breaking his skull mask. Trying to shake away the debris from his face, Shao Kahn turned to face Kratos, but the spartan had disappeared, running at high speed. Shao Kahn knew this game of hide and seek and quickly turned a 180 to face Kratos, but in that moment a blinding flash dizzied the war lord as the Head Of Helios was used by the spartan.

Attempting to quickly recover his eyesight, Shao Kahn swung recklessly and missed the Kratos many times. With a missed right hook, Kratos then stabbed Shao Kahn at his core with his Blades Of Exhile. Shao Kahn then fell to his knees. Kratos sheathed his blades and delivered a powerful right hook to the war lord's face. And as he tumbled to hit the floor, Kratos pulled out his most  powerful weapon of all, THE BLADE OF OLYMPUS! Raising the sword and thrusting it into the Shao Kahn's back! Barely alive, and with a gaping hole in his chest, Shao Kahn in utter agony began to glow and in moments yelled an ear shattering "NOOOOO!" as his body exlploded.

Shao Kahn, the ever suppressing Emperor Of Outworld, was defeated by the mortal Kratos, and true God Of War! Now, the ritual that summoned Kratos began  to send him back to his realm, but as he was about to return, he was greeted by this dimension's god of thunder, Raiden. Along with the god of wind, Fujin. Bowing to the mortal for saving their realm from the Emperor and showing respect for his actions, despite how one purposed they were. Surprised to their show of respect, Kratos acknowledged and returned to his dimension as well as Sparta. Having now found Athena restored the world to it's former glory in the time he was in Mortal Kombat. Now with eyes fixed upon the setting sun. Kratos withdrew to be alone and rest. For this mortal had killed gods, saved worlds, and destroyed evil time and time again. But it was now time to do something he never did before......Live in peace.



God of War Collection Review

By: BatRastered Dec 10, 2009 | 7 Comments

Two of the best PS2 games get an HD makeover.

So I just picked up the God of War collection for the PS3, and let me tell you, it looks great. I'd swear it was a current gen game if I didn't know any better.

If you don't know, the God of War series were two of the best games released in the last generation. Now, they look even better. The controls and story are the same, but the framerate has been improved to a nice constant 60 frames per second and the resolution has been upped to 1080p while some nice anti-aliasing has been turned on.

If you missed one (or both) of these games on the PS2, now is the time to pick this up. Not only do you get two great games to play on your PS3, but you get them for less than $40. Well worth it.

If you played through both on your PS2, or you have a backwards compatable version of the PS3, you might not get much out of this unless you're a huge God of War fan who really wants to see it in HD.

Buy it now Jimmy!

Little Big Planet GOTY, Killzone 2, Infamous, Resistance 2 and others included in this deal!

Get a $20 PSN credit when you buy any of these Select Playstation 3 games. 

God of War collection box art
God of War: Collection

Killzone 2

LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year Edition

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

MotorStorm Pacific Rift

Resistance: Fall Of Man

Resistance 2

Click the link below to see the complete list.

PS3 games and $20 PSN Credit


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