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We're doin' a MONTAGE!

Stay tuned to Gouki.TV on Twitch as we do not miss one second of the beta.  Here’s the remainder of the schedule from Bethesda.  Thank you for watching!

Fortnite Save The World Level 52 SSD. SugarNinjaLV and GoukiJones both share their defense layout and trap setup.

Our traps are a combination of others we've seen online and some of our own ideas. We use the maximum number of defenders available and shoot to kill!

Thanks for watching.

Well it’s been a few weeks now since they removed the Halo 5 beta & I miss it EVERYDAY.

 It was super fun to play.  I’m just talking about the regular shooting too.  There were no flag or bomb game types during the beta.  1 of the game types featured was like a GoW type where you only had 1 life per round.  Believe it or not, for a Halo game type like that, it worked out pretty well.

Here is the top 5(7) clips I managed to save from my time playing the beta.

The movement in Halo 5 was easily my favorite part.  You can sprint at will, but it had a couple of side effect, like if your shield was down, it would not come back while running.  The Dash in any direction is great, although it makes it impossible to hit people sometime.  You could hover/float in the air while aiming.  There was a similar feature in Destiny.

The guns have got to be the second best part of Halo 5 so far.  EVERY GUN is fun to shoot.  Instead of thinking - Oh man, I gotta get rid of this gun & find something I can actually get a kill with… The thought process was more like - Okay, I got this gun, how CAN I get a kill with it.  New guns like the Hydra is super fun to shoot.

Other praises are the sound effects.  It sounded like you were moving fast or slamming down to the ground really hard.  The guns all had great effects & echoes throughout the map. 

I didn’t care too much for the maps though.  They did some weird thing where the had almost 2 of the same map, just 1 was bigger than the other.  It was weird & confusing at sometimes.  Especially on the dark maps.  I could do without that in the future.

I’m definitely wanted to play more Halo 5, but it’s so far away right now that I’m just gonna put it out of my head.  Maybe I’ll come back & watch these videos once in a while.  Thanks watching & reading my nonsense.  Don’t be a Jimmy!


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Dishonored Important Bullet Points The GoukiJones Review

By: goukijones Aug 9, 2013 | 0 Comments | Updated: Aug 22, 2013

GoukiJones shares his pro & cons bulletpoint list for Dishonored. It's not supposed to make that much sense, but those of you who have played it will understand.

I played thru Dishonored. I played thru it 3 times. I like those games where you can sneak around & play the game in different styles. I’ve seen 4 completely different endings in Dishonored. That’s something worth mentioning. Here’s a few other notes I thot would be worth your time.

  • Boat rides suck.
  • Any of the cutscenes/talking I skip.
  • Do you accept the loaded game? Yes, start the level!
  • Horrible chain climbing mechanics.
  • Random bone shards. You need them.
  • We can do without all of the whale killing. Thank you.
  • Sleep sounds good.
  • Run in any direction. Use this feature to keep your enemies in front of you at all times.
  • Always talk to Piero first upon returning to home base.
  • The story is completely irrelevant.
  • Dream sequences? Skipped everyone of them.
  • Some levels could be skipped with 2-3 of the right moves.
  • Swimming is absolutely dreadful.
  • Watch out for the green slime plants.
  • What the fuck is the deal with the green slime plants?
  • Worst graphics Jimmy Gem nominee.
  • Beat it 3 times, saw for different endings. It froze once.
  • Definitely Rentable (Value $19)

Thanks for reading. Don’t miss FnJimmy’s Golden Video Review for Dishonored.

We will be in Seattle during PAX. I'm not promising anybody anything. I usually don't remember anything from these trips to Seattle. Anyway we'll be there.

We ben hads to PAX the last 2 years. Seattle is tight. We will be in town August 29 - September 3, 2013. 

PAX 2012

PAX 2011

Special thanks to the PAX staff for inviting us each year. Thank you very much. 

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