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By goukijones — May 6, 2020
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Not gonna lie. I love this game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is an updated and modernized version of Final Fantasy VII which was originally released January 31, 1997. 23 years later the story of Final Fantasy VII is still a great story to watch and even more fun to play. The characters are all very well defined and you can easily get the feels if you can’t control your emotions. Barrett - The big brutish leader of an Avalanche strike team(kinda like terrorists.) He is constantly goading Cloud with lines during fighting and after fighting. It’s not just Barrett though, Aerith also gives Cloud a hard time. In one sequence, while just running from one area to the next, Cloud explains to Aerith that she needs to stay back during fights because it is dangerous. It just so happened that Aerith died in the next fight after she got all of the agro and told Cloud after the fight “I guess they were just going after the stronger fighter.” Jeez. There are characters giving shit to Cloud and it is great, the characters are very much alive this way.

The graphics in this game are on a next level. FFVIIR goes from cutscenes right into combat seamlessly. This is a game that makes me feel like I’m playing the cutscenes of the original 1997 version. One level has you hanging from the rafters underneath a plate in Midgar. You are overlooking one of the sectors below. The slums. If I swing my camera around too fast to look over the edge, my wife will turn away. She can’t look, says she gets the feeling of extreme height. You can have your breath taken away by that view and a lot more of the scenery if you take your time and look at all of the detail. Everything is rendered perfectly to fit together.

Along with amazing graphics is the unbelievably fun combat. Some weird combination of Final Fantasy XII, XIII and XIV. You control all party members one at a time, they don’t run through a sequence of gambits when you control them though, they don’t attack or switch styles depending on what the leader is doing and they don’t just auto-fight in the background. You have to actively switch and keep their moves going as soon as their ATB bar fills up. To help you during this time, the game almost comes to a standstill. And I think depending on who’s turn it is it sometimes goes a little faster or a little slower. During this time you can tell Cloud to do his Braver attack, tell Tifa to do Divekick and tell Aerith to do _____ and when you release, they all do their special moves at the same time. This leads to some really cool setups and burst of graphics on the screen. It is a lot of fun to progress through fights and play with all of the different styles and weapons.

I have beaten the game. But only on the Normal mode. After you beat it on normal however, you unlock HARD MODE. Now you have to plan your materia and set up your characters constantly to be prepared for battle. Oh and there are no use of Items. So you need to git gud reel fazt. I’m currently chapter 10 and I love it. I love the challenge. I get a really good classic Final Fantasy feel almost like Final Fantasy Tactics where I have to plan out and think outside of the box to complete these fights.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the best games ever made. Square, please. Make Final Fantasy VI (3 in America) just like you made FFVIIR.

FF7R now falls into the my number 2 slot for all time favorite Final Fantasy games. It will be very hard to take down Final Fantasy XII in the number 1 spot. UNLESS… Part 2 of FF7R is an open world exploration with this same battle system and new characters. I need it! I can’t wait to play more of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. BRING ME DISC 2!

Final Fantasy VII Remake

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Release Date: Apr 10, 2020

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