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de bad shot

Reach For The Sky

By: de bad shot Sep 10, 2010 | 7 Comments

Nub farm guide to jet packs

     wud up nub farms. halo reach is less than 4 days away, and i realize that some of you poor suck'az wernt in the reach beta. (Man Of Ponage) Well heres a little leg up (pun intended) for you r-tards that are coming in to reach with no experience what so ever. I am sure you all know about the armor abilities by now, if you don't then go fuck your self. Now theres only one that you really need to bother with, the jet pack. this little bad boy is the shit, hands down. who gives a shit about sprint when you could just fly around.

     Key fact number one, it last about 4 seconds so handle with care. Key fact number 2, falling damage is a real threat, don't be a nub farm and fall to your death. Key fact number 3, its loud as shit so don't bother trying to sneak around with it. no that those are out of the way ill impart some knowledge on how to use this mother fucker.

     key use number 1, this thing is crazzy good for getting around levels. don't be like one of those fuck tards like EPIC AR, who runs around to get to point a to point b. if where you need to be is right above your head just hit the gas and your there, end of story. Key use number 2,  this is the more fun and easy way of pwning. when you are trying to kill some fuck tard its super fun and super easy to just fly right over his head and break his fucking neck with the melee assassinations. these make for great pictures by the way. key use number 3, now this is new to me but unlike the beta you can use this jet pack when you are carrying the flag. this leads to all kind of fun in my mind. some dip shits chasing you down on the bottom level when you have the flag, well jet up a level and that is a big fuck you to them. Key use number 4, this comes with a little more practice but it is rewarding and just super dooper cool. theres all kinds of little pillars and shit that you can only reach with the jet pack on most the levies. add a little ninja skills to your arsenal by jumping form pillar to pillar with the jet pack shooting any mother fucker who happens to be under you. its super fun to do, and its super frustrating to the guy who is receiving the punishment. Key use number 5, the high flying pistol shots. now that the original pistol is back you can zoom in with this bad boy and snag some head shots from your buddys.  This is a true skill when you get down to it, but if you can pull it off you will be sniping kills from all your fiends. when you see your buddy shooting the shit out of some one just get some height and zoom in with your pistol and snag a head shot. this works a little better with the DMR but the pistol is just way more fun.

     with these tips you jimmys will be the cream of the crop in no time. and beside getting twice the kills with half the work is just so much better.

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The Halo Experience

By: MachinimistLuke Sep 8, 2010 | 8 Comments

From the beginning, I fought 'til the end.

It all started back during the release of the Xbox. My memory has blurred a bit since and It's hard to remember it, but I know that I got my Xbox one way or another. Before I had Halo, I think I might have played Buffy at my sister's old place... Pretty puzzling at the time... not sure if this was before or after really.

Sooner or later, me and my brother got an Xbox for Christmas, which had the game 'Halo' along with it. I may have been quite young at the time, but I'm sure I was mature enough. I started up the console and put the disk in the tray.

The Halo Theme rang through my ears as the word 'Bungie' faded in, on to the screen. I was fascinated by it. I sat bewildered on the floor by the television gazing at Ring that was etched from one end of my mind to the other forever.

I booted up the campaign, watched as enchanting music played as spaceships flew from the right of the screen. I watched and listened intently.

Then the fun began.

"The Sealed Casket"

I saw a body of metal climb out of it. I was inspired as I saw the story of the ship's destruction before me as I dashed my way through, eventually coming face to face with my foes; 'childish turtles' and 'funny blue dinosaurs'. As silly as that first assumption sounded, I was later to find I wasn't the only one who had that first glance impression.

After escaping the Pillar of Autumn, I saw my character, 'The Chief', climb aboard an escape pod, deciding not to take a seat.

After the crash landing, I felt sadness for the Marines who died around me, knowing that I was in a suit of the toughest metal, MJOLNIR as it became later known, and that I was still alive thanks to it.

I headed outside to look around, leading me to state of bewilderment, a need to explore, but from my state of which I was brought to by Cortana, warning me that a Covenant patrol was approaching and that I should hide in the hills up ahead. I looked left to find my bridge and from there, my journey on the Ring began.

Fighting the toughest of foes, coming into close contact with the Hunters, taking out Jackals, stealing ghosts and banshees, or taking a ride around in the Warthog with a marine on back. Pursuing to complete my mission; to rally up all marines and discover the secrets of Halo.

Then I came to the darkest segment I have encountered in a Halo Game

Being dropped off in a swamp by Pelican in search yet again for Captain Keyes, I moved along seeing enemies run past me, covenant dropships destroyed paving a road of destruction to which beyond would lie an even greater threat.

Watching as red blips faded from my radar as yellow blips flickered on and off from it. Looking around, I saw no support. Just dead grunts and jackals. But no Elites. I pressed on towards a structure with a lift by the bottom. This was too easy, like a walk in the park, but I knew there had to be a catch, that something fishy was going on.

Approaching the final door, the cutscene came into view. After opening the door and catching the fallen marine, The Chief had picked up a helmet revealing a tape recording. From there, I got more and more creeped out until the end. I was on the brink of dispensing bricks.

'The Flood'

I dispensed of many bricks that day.

From there, the story grew into one big escape with a story of trust and betrayal intertwining after losing all support. Even by the end, Foehammer was lost, and I felt disheartened, but I pressed onwards (several times, mind you), until I eventually reached the Longsword in the Hanger Bay.

The game was beaten, and the story complete, but I wanted to play it another way, and harder. I decided to give it another go, but not without the help of my bro.

Two player co-op was ridiculous amounts of fun. Though we had our arguments from time to time, arguing over who gets what (I know, maturity can be beaten by co-operation), we enjoyed every last bit of it, find new and fun ways to play, finding new secrets and new tricks to explore the campaign further.

My brother mostly enjoyed having a pack of combat forms in pursuit without the aid of having arms, like 'meat shields for you back'.

After our campaign run-through, we pursued to enter Multiplayer, finding it somewhat entertaining, yet limited to just the two of us.

Blood Gulch remained my favourite map.

When Halo 2 was announced, me and my brother were bubbling with excitement, bursting with joy, knowing something new, bigger and better was on the way.

Our excitement had us forget Halo: Combat Evolved for a long while as we prepared for the drop of Halo 2, which was to impact the world like no other game had done before. We had heard that there was something weird going over in America at the time prior to release, only to find out a few years later what it was about.

Halo 2 was then released. Our Uncle had gotten me and my brother it for Christmas. We couldn't be happier.

The campaign was a surprise to the both of us, and that we kind of rushed through the whole thing in less than two days, greeting a groan from our parents about playing it too much and beating too fast, but who seriously wouldn't want to delve deeper into the Halo Universe and it's fiction?

The only issue I had with the Xbox was not getting Xbox Live until Halo 3 came out for Xbox 360, which was a long while ahead, unbeknowst to me.

I felt deep sadness and a want to communicate over those past few years, always knowing that Halo 2 was that one thing, but alas I never got to know how big it truly was.

By 2006, I was fully capable of maneuvering across the internet with ease, albeit still being young.

Youtube was fairly young, being one year old, but suddenly it had appeared. May 9th, 2006. Halo 3 was Officially announced. I could swear back then I could build a house with all the bricks which suddenly filled the room.

As 2007 drew near, my elder sister told me and my dad about a series known as Red vs Blue. I was glued to it and thanks to her, I had something to keep me busy until Halo 3.

2007 came and rolled on, and came September, I set out preparing myself for Halo 3. I did not have the money, and Halo 3 kicked off without me.

Depressed on not being able to get money soon enough, I decided to take a stroll along the beach thinking about how I would go abouts getting Halo 3. It was all I could think about. Whilst collecting my thoughts along with blue stones and holding them in my shirt, carrying them along in it, I decided to lay out Halo 3 all across the beach with every blue stone I could find.

Eventually, I filled up a section of the beach. Onlookers went by looking at 'Halo 3', looking either intrigued by my dedication or worried as to what the hell I was doing. My dad came along on his scooter heading to town and noticed me and saw what I'd done. He said he'd be back in a while. When he had returned he had purchased Halo 3.

I was overjoyed, thus starting my misadventures on Xbox Live in the world of Halo 3.

A spectacular time I did have meeting new friends and new people. However, not all of them were keen to be... nice.

At the time, I didn't expect to see the bad kind of people we meet over Xbox Live at the time. I was new to the place, even though I had stuck with Halo the entire time, I saw a new side to gaming and boy did I not like it. However, I was beginning to notice a popular uprising from all of this; Machinima.

I was so in. From the get-go. Since then, many an attempt to make my own Machinima went and failed, time after time after time.

Along came 2008 and 'Grifball - The Sport of the Future!'. Once again, it had me hooked. My favourite web-series had it's own game added to Halo 3. One of my failed attempts at Machinima saw me getting into College along with my GCSEs, as I had included storyboards and a script ready, which was then to be never used again. Ironically enough (before getting my act together (read onwards)), I decided to name my Grifball team after my later-to-be-failure; L.I.E (Life in Everybody). At the time though, I was caught up in a lot of things and Burnie Burns moved my Captain status to N1nj0 as my Internet Provider had cut me off due to apparantly just being a terribly bad service provider (We're now connected to O2).

Later, I found out the team became highly popular without me and that they had won a tournament once whilst serving as tough competition for many other Grifball teams, namely the 'Grunts of Fury'. I came to find 'L.I.E' hidden as an easter egg in Red vs Blue: Reconstruction alongside other largely known team names. I gave a hearty laugh.

Eventually, the team had broken up after a name change and a few more competitions with members being on separate teams.

Last year, I decided to pull my socks up and get my act together. I got myself more and more involved Machinima and the Rooster Teeth Community, and having the opportunity of playing with John Graham (Digitalph33r/JonCJG) and Burnie Burns (Church from Red vs Blue). I also became friends with Cam (Zoxin1 from Zoxin it Up! Live) and took part in an LFTO Shizno episode (a conglomeration of users from the RT community who dissect Red vs Blue looking for clues to find out what to expect to see in future episodes), albeit having a terrible computer microphone at the time.

ODST hit stores and I got to journey through a much more emotional storyline compared to the others, containing all of it's humour, wit, charm, yet a constant feeling of loneliness that I could easily relate to. By then I had already seen Firefly and Serenity, being familiar with Nathan Fillion and his character, and loving every second of playing with and along side a character I felt very familiar with.

Knowing Reach was coming, and a Beta was on it's way to owners of Halo 3: ODST, I was thrilled. Beta came along and I prepared myself to render some clips.

I got one with me doing a rendition of 'To be, or not to be', one with me discovering a glitch in the game, and one showing what it's like making Machinima on Xbox Live with a bunch of random people.




As Reach draws near, I come face to face with bad news. Here's how it started;

When the Pre-order editions were announced, I asked my dad to help me out with Pre-ordering Legendary Edition and I told him I had the money to cover it, which I did. Then he went and told me that I shouldn't worry about it and that he'd get it for me.

A few weeks later, I reminded him about it to see if he pre-ordered the Legendary Edition, to which he said yes, so I decided to prepare for Reach and buy myself a set of Turtle Beach Earforce X11s, so I could enjoy the experience without disturbing anyone.

However, today I learned that he actually pre-ordered standard and had completely forgotten. I was disheartened, so I tried searched online to find a competition with Legendary Edition as a Prize and came across one which required posting on a forum thread, so I signed up.

I then got there to find out that you had to be a US Resident over the age of 18.

This had truly made my day worse.

I am now here hoping to win my own Legendary Edition of Halo Reach. May I be blessed with the best of Luck.

I should probably be happy with the fact that I'm getting Halo: Reach, but I still wish to get my hands on my own statue. Dr. Halsey's Journals too.

May the best of luck be with me so I can achieve this goal.

I love Halo, and I love Bungie for bringing me and everybody else such a phenomenal and ground-breaking franchise for many of us to enjoy into our later years and beyond.


- <3 MachinimistLuke

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A Crazy Glitch

By: bailinbone15 Aug 29, 2010 | 7 Comments

Me and a friend managed to create an infinitely large fireball of despair.

A while back, when I was still into such things as 'Superbounces', firing weapons as the monitor, and that weird black triangle on Burial Mounds, I discovered a video explaining how to lose your arms in Halo 3.

Of course, I wanted to try out such a thing. Me and a friend proceeded to start a game on guardian, and in a few short minutes had the glitch working. As would be expected, this wasn't the preferred state of affairs for the game. As time went on, and we proceeded to kill ourselves in increasingly more unintelligent ways, forcing us to redo the glitch, the game became progressively more broken. We would occasionally disappear from existence, only to reappear minutes later. When we fired the splaser, it didn't fire from our body, seeing as we had no arms to hold it. Instead, it was brought down from the heavens in a blazing inferno to wherever we aimed. Later on, using the gravity hammer caused use to float in the air in a slow, drawn out arc a fair distance, sometimes moving in a full circle, before landing. We should have stopped when we could pick up weapons from across the map, but we pressed on, eager to see what vital function of the game would fail next. What did happen, caught us completely by surprise. My friend was standing off in the middle of the map as I proceeded to jump around without my left arm. In my infinite brilliance, I fell off of the map.

At this point, the game probably did one of two things; I'm still not entirely sure which. It had finally reached the final stage of breaking, and simply died right then and there, or it finally decided that shaking its case and saying "one more time..." simply wasn't working, and that if it did not in fact want us proceeding, it was time it took matters into its own hands.. Or case... Or something. Either way, at that point, the map simply exploded, and blamed it on me. Right at the moment my camera would normally switch over to a teammate while I waited to respawn, there was a bright yellow flash, and everybody died. Apparently I managed to pull a triple betrayal by merely dying. Besides the flash of light, which I managed to find by fast forwarding through a fair amount of video, it appears that the map simply became an explosion. There is no center, you can't see the edges, stuff didn't even get moved anywhere. My friend fell over, and the vehicles sat stationary, unharmed.

I still have no idea what happened, as there was plenty of other unexplainable stuff going on. In the end though, It was a very fun time, and it certainly made for a neat video.

Updated with a different video which explains the glitch

Update again: Apparently just yesterday, a friend found a way to recreate this! /not sure how yet.

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My wake up call in Halo CE

By: ThaBrad Aug 26, 2010 | 5 Comments

After dominating my area in Halo CE, I made a 2 hour trip to find out how good I really was.

I first started with an Atari, like many others. We didn’t have many games for it, so I also had a few games on the computer I would play at that time. Some kind of flight simulator, which I had to access everything from the command prompt, and at that time was a pain in the ass. There were like 7, 5.25 diskettes. I then moved to the Nintendo, super Nintendo, sega, and sega cd. I had one game for the sega cd, Sewer Rats or something like that. I was thinking that was going to be the future, first gaming system to take cds. Epic Fail.!

Once I got in community college, I got an xbox. I was one of the first people in my area to try out halo. I was also on the baseball team there, so after practices, I would invite a good bit of them over and we would play split screen. I totally wiped their ass over and over and felt great about it. Didn’t feel so great when it was report card time, and I was having to stay after practice and run because my grades we so low from not doing homework. It drove me insane that everyone else was getting to go back to the dorms and play Halo and practice. Well after a couple months of beating their asses, one of the guys on the team said he knew of someone that played at Southern Miss. College and was real good and said he would wipe the floor with me. At that time I thought I could maybe be one of the best in the country. So one weekend I go down there to check everything out. Man was I surprised. I walk into their apartment, and they have timers sitting on the ground in front of them, I ask them, what are you guys cooking, only to find out it was me, and I looked real stupid for asking. I played the best guy there to start off, I remember it like it was yesterday because of how bad he embarrassed me, Chief SlapaHo. Well game one starts out and he beats me to a power weapon and kills me. As I spawn, I hear….Ding, 1 second later, I’m dead. I was like, WTF! After quite a few more deaths, I figured out they had everything set on timers, gun respawns, when I would spawn, and the couple places I could spawn. I wasn’t ever embarrassed so much in my life. They were cool guys though, they ended up teaching me a good bit about the game.

Halo 2 was my favorite out of everything. I played it constantly, from learning super jumps to the double shot. I would miss so much class because of this game. I was so addicted to hearing everything that I could make that guy say behind the curtains, double kill, triple hill, killtacular. The 360 came out and we tried playing halo 2 on it. I saved up and saved up and also got an LCD monitor. It was so much harder to play with that new controller and that wider screen for some reason, I couldn’t get used to it. It eventually led to me playing less and less of it.

Halo 3 came out and I picked up where I left off at halo 2, sucking. When I say sucking, I mean going even every game, when the guys I’m usually playing with are always double k/d. I didn’t like a lot of the things they added. The bubble shield, and especially that radar jammer. At the time I may have been blaming that stuff one the reason I wasn’t playing as much, but it was really I couldn’t compete at the level I wanted to. My cousin, didn’t take long to become a 50 in lone wolves. It wouldn’t be long and the 3 guys I’d always played with were 50’s in team slayer. I wanted that 50. I played with them, and basically felt like they were carrying me. They carried me to a 48 and that was as close as I got.

I was so ready for the next halo. The beta finally rolled around, and by this time I had a real job and my own money. I turned the beta on and by that night I had looked up to see what was being used at MLG events and I went and bought that LCD monitor. I never had any idea that it was the monitor the whole time. I still wasn’t crazy about the 360’s controller, but the response time and the ratio made everything so much smoother. I was finally back to my usual k/d ratio and our team winning about every match. There wasn’t a big blur across my screen when I turned. Now that Razr is making a controller that you can adjust the sensitivity of the thumb sticks on, I should be good to go. I can’t wait until the release and playing with some of my new co workers like Estrada. This one being closer to Halo CE is really good since that was my favorite out of all of them. Wouldn’t it be cool if I ran into Chief SlapaHo. You guys hit me up on Reach when it comes out, ThaBrad.

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Halo and Me!

By: thewolf14 Aug 21, 2010 | 10 Comments

My OTHER contest Entry! I want to win... xD

I remember it clearly now.. The day was a cold day brisk sunday morning, in the middle of winter, My friend was staying at my house while his parents were on a business trip. He brought his Xbox Original over, He had 2 games, Halo and Halo 2.

I'd heard of these games as he had talked and rambled on the story and game play. He was a smart fellow, Carter was, Straight A's, Big house, Had lots of money, But me and him had been friends at pre-school when I had no idea of his wealth. But the day he brought over that Box of his, My life changed. The first game we played was Halo: Combat Evolved. I feel in love with it, The graphics were amazing at that time, I still remember his laughter at me as I opened my eyes widely as I played it, We weren't the richest family, so I never thought of buying a Xbox, I played my dads old Sega system and played Sonic the Hedgehog, Which was better then todays Sonic Games. As I played it, I felt the urge to have one, We played threw the campaign that night and moved onto local battles with each other on Blood Gulch, which quickly became my favorite map right away, He slid in Halo 2 after he slaughtered me in the Scorpion tank. So, that was when I was shocked.


The game play had become so much more diverse! Where these strange creatures carrying who we know as the Arbiter!? I soon fount out they were brutes, A new enemy along with Drones! As we played threw the first mission, I watched him pick up 2 SMGs up at once! It destroyed the Elite's and grunts it touched. I watched in awe all day as we beat the campaign. The next day he left for his house with his now returned parents. I waved goodbye from my house on the hill as he left. That day, I knew that I was now hooked, 2 or 3 Years went bye and it was now around September 15, 2007. I had been saving money for a Xbox threw that time, I had saved around 400-500 Dollars from 3 Years of work around the house. Then I heard of a new Console,(News doesn't travel far with me, I missed its release by 2 years, lol..) The Xbox 360, I jumped for joy when I also saw Halo 3's Release date.

"September 25!?"

I smiled threw the days that felt like years, I was going to get a 360 And Halo 3! I had pre-ordered the special Xbox 360 by then, I finally got it and I was speechless as I retured back into the world that Bungie had made, Master Chief was going to Finish the Fight this time, I just knew it! I had beaten the campaign on Heroic in 2 days. In the last 3 years or so, My family had bought a New computer and Wireless router, I went to the Gamestop and bought a 360 Wireless adapter, I was then open to the world of Halo 3's Multiplayer, The game just got 10x Better, It became my place to play in when I was bored.

Then, In 2009, ODST came out, On September 22nd I belive, I had bought and played it, Its Gameplay and firefight lasted me for 2 months, as I franticly crawled around New Mombasa in search for my squad. The new Halo 3 maps were awesome I might add, I still have it and play it regularly. 

I am not going to even talk about how much hours I spent beating and played Halo Wars, My addiction to Halo Wars was unhealthy...

Halo has affected my life in many ways, It has been a good friend to me threw my life, I've seen lots of good friends on Halo 3 and I'm happy to say it will be one of my favorite game and experiences in my life! I'm hoping Reach will be just as good and better then Halo 3..


There it is folks, How Halo has affected my life...

Just for good measures, Heres me in Halo 3!


Thanks for reading! Thumbs up :D!

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