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Hard Corps Uprising review

By: LegendaryLonewolf Mar 5, 2011 | 7 Comments

Hard Corps : Uprising... the review O_o


In 2613, the world is now ruled by an empire known as the Commonwealth under the reign of Tiberius. Neighboring nations have suffered under the Commonwealth's oppression and Resistance Forces rise across the land. However, so many Resistance Fighters have fallen to the overwhelming might of the empire, that their strength is now severely diminished. A group of elite soldiers rise through the ranks of the Resistance and band together to execute a desperate plan. The leader of this group is the war hero Bahamut.


Bahamut - Once a soldier of the Commonwealth army, he turned on his comrades after witnessing an imperial squad execute innocent people. He shares his name with the antagonist from Contra: Hard Corps, but the producers have said it could also be a different Bahamut.

Krystal - A woman with seemingly no previous combat experience. However, after her hometown is attacked by imperial forces, she decides to join Bahamut.

Harley Daniels - A bike-riding soldier sporting an extreme pompadour hairstyle. DLC

Sayuri - A samurai who wears a kimono and sugegasa. DLC


Uprising features two main game modes, Rising and Arcade. In Rising Mode, players can collect points throughout levels which are then used to purchase various upgrades and customizations for weapons, armor and character abilities. Rising Mode also features a health bar, similar to the Japanese version of Contra: Hard Corps, allowing the player to take more than one hit before losing a life. Arcade Mode is a harder game mode in which the power-up shops are removed.

Many new moves have been added. The character can dash, dash in mid-air, double-jump and deflect enemy projectiles by bouncing them back. Additional moves can also be purchased in Rising Mode.

Weapons include the standard rifle, the machine gun, the spread shot, the crush gun (shoots arcing grenades), the heat gun (shoots large blasts of fire) and the chain laser (homes in on enemy targets). As in Contra III: The Alien Wars, the player can carry two weapons and switch between them at any time. By collecting the same weapon several times the player will improve its firing rate and power. Other weapon upgrades are available in Rising Mode as well. 


The game is beautifully done by Arc Systems Works (Creators of Guilty Gear) so expect nothing but an anime style of destruction and of course the super upgraded gameplay thanks to Rising Mode system which gives hours and hours of extra gameplay. 


Cheap and easy deaths. That would be my only concern in this game since you will actually have to know the stages in order to do good in them. Especially if your online and your going up a platform just make sure you don't fall or take a hit that allows you to fall.

Buy it! If you are a Contra fan and have been waiting for a Contra style game then here it is with the difficulty. ENJOY

Community News


Hard Corps: Uprising being released next week!

By: iorilamia Feb 12, 2011 | 8 Comments

Do you like Contra? Do you like Metal Slug? Buy this game.

Hard Corps: Uprising (HCU) is a prequel Contra: Hard Corps. It's developed by our beloved Arc System Works (which means ofcourse theirs awesome rock music in the intro). Its a run and gun shooter just like the old Contra but with much better graphics and crazier gameplay (if thats possible). The story is simple, the CommonWealth empire is ruling the world, many resistance fighters have gotten pwned, but some elite soldiers rise up in the Resistance, they are lead by the epic war hero Bahamat.  The game had 2 modes, Rising and Arcade. 

In Rising players collect points to upgrade armor and weps to go kick ass. Arcade is basically hard-mode, you cannot see your life bar and there is no power-up shops. The modes have single player and online co-op!

Theirs 4 characters (Konami is looking into doing DLC characters in the future)  Bahamut- Soldier from Army, Krystal - Chick who has no fighting experience, but joins the fight, Harley Daniels- A bike-riding soldier sporting an extreme pompadour hairstyle (WIN!) and Sayuri- A samurai. The game is schedual for release as digital downlaod Feb 16nth on psn and xbl. It won't get much attention because all of us will be playing MvC3 but it still sounds like a great game to check out!  By the way, anyone else think this game looks like BlazBlue? lol

(check out reipuerto's hands on review of 2010 build http://gouki.com/Story/Details/e3-preview-2010-hard-corps-uprising )



Sources -  http://konami.com/games/hardcorps/ (lots of awesome official HD videos here)


Trailer uplaoded by http://www.youtube.com/user/konami (skip to 40 seconds for gameplay)





E3 Preview 2010 Hard Corps: Uprising

By: reipuerto Jul 1, 2010 | 3 Comments

Everyone loves shirtless men and people want Contra backā€¦

Hey big Jimmies! Rei here with a first look on Contra spiritual successor, Hard Corps: Uprising! Developed by Arc System, which is the studio behind Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, they bring their artistic style into mix. With high solution characters and 3D environment, this will be one of the years. The game goes back to a classic 2.5D perspective that was used be for this new 2.5D, which now the characters and background are in 3D and the playing field is in 2D. This game brings nostalgic memories to the hard cord veterans but allows causal players to jump in and beat the game too!

All you really need to know is that the game is a fast pace, action shoot’em up, with nostalgic gameplay and tight controls. Easily accessible to everyone and your neighbors!


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