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IGL SmackDown 5 November 7, 2012 Las Vegas, NV. There's a new Trah in town. IC IGL Ruin out of town. Check out the latest rankings update of the best players in Las Vegas.

Only found 2 entries on Challonge for IGL SmackDown 5. Here are the results.


Winner: Trah or better known as Trahh.


Winner: JackieTran

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IGL SmackDown 4 Results & Rankings Update

By: goukijones Oct 24, 2012 | 1 Comments

Results from the latest IGL SmackDown Fighting Game Tournament.

IGL SmackDown 4 took place October 20, 2012. At Gemini Arcade. No stream archive.


Persona 4 Arena Winner - Prinny


Dead or Alive 5 Winner - speakpanda


King of Fighter XIII Winner - Trophy Club


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Winner - Stringbean


Super Street Fighter IV Winner - Peapo


Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 Winner - Ruin


Rankings from SmackDown 4

IGL Ranking Google Doc

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*Updated* IGL SmackDown 4. October 20, 2012 UNLV Campus(Now Moved).

By: goukijones Oct 16, 2012 | 1 Comments | Updated: Oct 17, 2012

IGL SmackDown 4 announced for this weekend. New location: UNLV. KOF XIII Makes a return. New start time of 4PM. So get there & get signed up early.


Date: October 20th, 2012
Time: Starting at 4pm
Location: UNLV Student Recreation and Wellness Center
Entry Fee: $5 each game
Venue Fee: $5 each person
**Payouts for all games is 70/20/10**

This is a new location where we will be having the events. This is a test run with a smaller sized room, but will still be big enough to accommodate everyone. You can go to the UNLV Campus Map located here:


If you look on the bottom right of the map you will see University Rd. You can park in the parking lot right there at the beginning or University Rd. Parking is not enforced on Saturdays so no permit required. You will walk up University Rd. until you hit the fork. Take a left and it's the second building on your right. On the map it's the one with the curved top. Again, this is a test tourney for UNLV, if the venue seems to be good enough we will host all the tournies there from now on.


Dead or Alive 5
3/5 rounds, 2/3 matches, finals are 3/5
Double Elimination
**Stage damage is allowed**
**Alpha-152 is banned**

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Singles
3/5 rounds, 2/3 matches, finals are 3/5
80 second time limit
Double Elimination
**SOLO mode is allowed**
**Combot is banned**
** DLC characters are banned. ( Angel, Michelle, True Ogre, Kunimitsu)**

Persona 4 Arena Singles
2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches, finals are 3/5
99 second time limit
Double Elimination
**Unlimited Characters are banned**

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012 Singles
2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches, finals are 3/5
99 second time limit
Double Elimination
**Winner may change ultra, but has to pick ultra first after loser picks character**

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Singles
3/5 matches, finals are 3/5
99 second time limit
Double Elimination
**You may not use any glitch that prevents the game from being played. This includes game freezing, game resetting, player freezing, etc.**
**Winner must keep the same characters, but can switch assists.**

King of Fighters 13 Singles
PS3/360 (Whatever is available)
Team VS (3on3)
2/3 matches, finals are 3/5
60 second time limit
Double Elimination
**DLC characters are allowed**

***Event is BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller)***

***Any game that does not get a suitable amount of entrants will have the match format changed to a round robin style tournament***

***Players using any wireless pads or sticks must desynch them after their match. If not and this disturbs a match this will lead to a disqualification.***

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IGL SmackDown 3 Fighting Game Tournament Results & Report

By: goukijones Oct 7, 2012 | 1 Comments | Updated: Oct 8, 2012

October 6, 2012. Results from IGL's SmackDown 3 in Las Vegas. Featuring the debut of DoA5 in the community. Also some special guests from California & the most hype match ever at an IGL event.

IGL has another excellent turn out with over 50 players coming out for SmackDown 3. Dead or Alive 5 makes its debut, with a lack luster showing of only 9 combatants entered in the tournament. Persona 4 also had 9 entries. Tekken 21, Street Fighter 19 & Marvel 28.

This is what the scene looked like early on.

This was snapped right before we lost power again. You can see Ruin, Vicko & Suhpreme in the pic. IGL had some power issues, which lead to some of the tournaments starting almost an hour late. The good news here was that the brackets were already sorted & as soon as the power was fresh, matches were being called.

Later on this is what it looked like. (In the dark.)

*Vicko keeps telling me to get a new phone.

1 of the hypest things I've ever seen during an IGL event was Raj VS Mr. Orange EVO shirt on Marvel. This was also happening during BatRastered's first Street Fighter match. Everybody was screaming & yelling. BatRastered don't like that.

Raj aka The Best Dressed man in IGL, defeated Mr. Orange EVO shirt & the crowd was going crazy. Easily the most exciting thing I've seen at an IGL event. If that was recorded, I know people would be watching that now.

As well as the main event in Marvel. California player Heroic stops by IGL & defeats Ruin. Unfortunately we were long gone by 10:30, I had to eat Jimmy. I am a little upset that I missed this match tho. I'm really hoping that IGL starts to recognize these high profile matches & is prepared in the future to record/capture the action in some way. I would watch iPhone footage of this match right now if I could. >.> Vicko.

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Dead or Alive 5 debuts. #TTT2 will have its second shot. Also featuring P4A, SSF4AE & UMvC3. 4PM sign ups & a sharp 5PM start time. Don't be a Jimmy!

5790 Rogers St. Las Vegas, NV 89118

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