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Pictures, video and results from Smackdown #1 in Las Vegas. Hosted by IGL. Fighting game tournament featuring: SSF4AE, Marvel, Persona, KOF13, & SCV. This event was held on August 11, 2012.

Well it was 1 of the hottest days of the year. BatRastered and I knew it was going to be rough. Earlier that day we had gone to the Classic Gaming Expo at the Plaza Hotel, in downtown Las Vegas. We thought it would be a good idea to hit up the Yard House on the way home, between CGE and IGL. Well I ended up taking 2 shits before I left the house for IGL and it felt like crapping out a hand full of razor blades. Needless to say, I was concerned about some full on drippin' taking place at IGL.

Online this tournament was looking like it was going to be IGL's biggest turn out ever. 

Facebook describes the IGL location has having a Mexican statue out front. Here's a look. Dubbed the construction yard, it's the perfect place for a fighting game tournament.

The place was packed full of Jimmys. Tushar said it was a record crowd with over 60 people playing in 5 different tournaments. Shout out to Vicko for representing the Gouki shirt. Team Gouki! We even bumped into long time Gouki member Cinderkin. Look at this big ass Jimmy. Nobody warned IGL he was coming, I didn't even know until I saw him duck through a doorway shouting "Jimmy!" I should have got a shot of him ducking through the doorway.

Instead here's a shot of Cinderkin playing Marvel.

All the matches for Persona were streamed that night via TopTierGaming's Twitch Channel. Here's what I guess could be a GoukiJones shout out. Lookin' like a Larry!

Later on that Night, BatRastered was on the stream for a second time, in this very exciting match.

I'm terrible at Persona, I only got a few hours of practice in that week. I'm not very fond of these "Anime fighters." The same guy in the orange shirt beat me in the first round, same guy who just played Batty. Bright orange shirts should be banned.


Above is a picture of Sora after just doing a side flip over the announcers table to get to his Soul Calibur match.

Soul Calibur Champion - Sora - Full Bracket

KOF 13 Chamption - IGL Trophy Club - Full Bracket

P4Arena Champion - xAJxKiller - Full Bracket

SS4AE Champion - Chad Daddy - Full Bracket

UMVC3 Champion - IC IGL Ruin - Full Bracket

I got destroyed in Marvel. Allegedly I had a bye that first round, because I don't remember playing Pwnstar. Then I got busted up by a pad player using Viewtuful Joe. Good shit. Then I had to hear Coach Jimmy behind me in my second match hyping up his boy using Iron Man. Screaming and yelling the entire time. I should have won that 1. Redemption SeaToss! I want a rematch. $1 Money Match, any place, any time.

BatRastered don't like playing against Barlogs. Here's a shot of his only lead that night in the Street Fighter tournament.

Not that BatRastered wasn't under any presure or anything, I mean look at this close quarters combat. Shout out to Suhpreme.

I watched Ruin play a match like this too. It was pretty tight in there. Some how all of the stations got spread apart and nobody was monitoring the seating arrangement. Ruin was distracted that match, people were asking if they could squeeze by him between rounds. Ruin told them no. Was Ruin trolling with Teddy? I don't know, at least he wasn't using the sword guy like everybody else. Ruin said this about Persona 4 later on Twitter:

"Already sick of P4A :). Learning mitsuru tomorrow then selling the game or trading it at game stop. :D"

That could spell doom locally for P4A.

The biggest person in the 702FGC VS the smallest person in the 702FGC.

The tournament was a lot fun and Lance did a great job of collecting money, managing the sign ups, getting started on time and he was very pleasant when I did report my 1 win to him. Shout out to Lance! Now I'm going throw in my 2 cents in about the overall operation. Next time whoever is running the brackets needs to be in the same room to see what stations are available. Put the 2 lowest entry having games in the offices. For example, KOF & SC could have been set up in private rooms. If the bracket organizer was out behind that tall desk, he could have been watching all of the matches from there. As the tournament was coming to close, no matches were being called. I watched Vicko play like 6 in a row, until BatRastered asked him what the score was and Vicko replied that it was just casuals. The station next to him was empty at the same time. :( We might have got through the brackets faster if those stations were better managed later on in the night.

Some people were setting up their own matches based on the brackets online. Here's a quote from the IGL Facebook page.
"‎@Nick T, true that but once I got a hold of the brackets on my phone from the web site I didn't have to listen for my name, I knew who I was fighting against and found him (Or HER) myself. ;-) Win Win. LOL" Via Timothy Roman.

I heard a few whispers like: "Hey, is that GoukiJones?" and "Oh is that that Jimmy guy?" Nobody said hello to me though. Nobody wanted to talk about the blow up last month. Were you guys free? Just kidding. Take it easy guy. I'm there to have fun and talk shit. I can take your Larry smack and your throne of dicks smack. The throne of dicks btw, hilarious to me. Made some new friends as well. Shout out to MasterMITSURUGI. Not to put you on blast brother, but FnJimmy's real name is Jimmy Roman. MasterMITSURUGI is Timmy Roman. No relation! WTF?! Jimmy VS Timmy coming soon!

Check out MasterMITSURUGI on YouTube. Big 3's player. Where is the Las Vegas 3's community at?

Finally I'd like to talk about the IGL ranking system that was released this week. Currently I'm ranked 9th in Street Fighter and my being the 9th best player in town sounds about right. Ok now seriously, I wanted to leave an actual comment on the ranking system on IGL's Facebook page, but somebody removed that thread. For all of you complaining, take a step back and imagine all of the work going into this. Then understand that it is only based off of 1 tournament. I encourage anybody else that thinks they can do a better job, to keep track of all the IGL tournaments from here on out and show us your different results in 6 months. Let IGL do their thing and run this the way it is. If for some reason, nothing makes sense is 6 months, then you can start talking all your shit. Let's see how this works out first.

Great tournament! Thanks to IGL for having us. We had a very pleasant time. I play to compete, but more importantly I play to support. I hope to see over 100 people at the next event. Speaking of such things, don't miss IGL's next tournament August 18, 2012. More Details.

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