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Candy Crush maniacs get hype! You can now use a gamepat to drop those little annoying candies all over the place. Just kidding, I don't if it'll work with Candy Crush. Cars games tho, CARS!

Seriously, how many hardcore gamers on the iPhone do we got out there? This looks like a great invention, but like I asked, who is playing the iPhone like this? Who is dragging that thing around for a quick round of RAGE ...

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for iOS

By: Daisymare Nov 9, 2012 | 2 Comments

This was a difficult game to review, for it looks visually stunning and has excellent audio. Unfortunately Gameloft dropped the ball when they tried to mix the gameplay and the content.

When you load up My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic you are greeted with a very well put together visuals using an excellent 3D graphics engine that captures the look of the ponies and the show very well. The music is an instrumental of the Smile Smile Smile song which is a fan favorite and then transitions into the Find a Pet instrumental which sound very well done. You also notice that the voices are those of the actual Voice Actors from the show which makes you think you are in for a great game that has the full backing of Hasbro and DHX media.

Unfortunately the game is made up of a bunch of repetitive mini games that are designed for 4 year olds. It also relies heavily on in app purchases to acquire money in order to progress. Thus making the game a very poor mix of farmville with bad social networking requirements and just about every other thrown together mini game collection.

Graphics and Graphic Engine is 5/5

Music and Sound is also 5/5

The Gameplay is 2/5

Replayablity is 1/5

Flush it!

My good friend Zorkfox gives his reasons for the games lack of playability below.

I love My Little Pony. The fact that this game is so pretty and cute, and so much like the show, with nice graphics, is the ONLY thing that kept me playing it for the hour or so it took to hit your built-in wall. I’m talking, of course, about Facebook integration. I have no interest in Facebook, and the fact that you FORCE someone to sign into it to spam their friends with invitations means I’m going to have to delete your game instead of enjoying it. Give me the OPTION to share stuff on Facebook, don’t FORCE me. And the Gameloft Live! integration is no picnic, either. I had to try six times before it would let me even create an account.

I really appreciate all the time and effort people put into making this game; it’s cheery and fun, and the use of the show’s voice actors is frankly amazing. But please, remove the stranglehold so every pony can play. I can tell there’s a lot of fan-generated names and content in the game, which means you’re listening to and appreciating us. But the little kids who are ostensibly the target demographic of your show can’t even join Facebook, and the primary demographic for these *ville-style games is women in their 30s, not college-age-and-older males.

And if you wanted to do us another huge favor, you’d remove the in-game purchases and just charge us for the game outright. I would happily pay you $10 for a game where I got to have adventures as various ponies, play lots of DIFFERENT games, and interact with other people playing ponies. The game as it currently stands is just Farmville with ponies: a single-player “experience” that only masquerades as multi-player.

Link to full review ( )

A slow month of games leads to a FFT re-play on the PSN. How great was this game?

I remember playing through Final Fantasy Tactics back on the PS one, flipping my machine upside down to keep the disk from skipping... LOL HACKS! Back then, I got stuck on fighting Weigraf one-on-one. It probably took me 20 tries before I changed myself to a chemist (for the long ranged gun attacks as well as the healing items) with the squire's "guts" ability as my secondary so I could "yell" myself to speed up until I eventually got 5 turns for every 1 Weigraf got.

FFT is a turn-based strategy game played on a grid like maps, your units can only move a certain amount of squares in any direction on any one turn, and unless you have some special attacks, you can only attack what is right next to you. Positioning is very important as you have a better chance for success if you attack from the side or rear of an enemy.

There are 20 job classes  to choose from, and you can turn any of your party into whatever job you want, though you have to level up certain classes before others become available. For instance, you need to be a level 2 archer before you can become a thief. Each class has useful abilities, so you'll probably want to spend a little time as almost all of them. Even if you don't like the thief class, you'll definitely want it's move+2 ability that lets you move 2 extra squares per turn!

You get to use the powers from the class you are currently in, plus one more as a secondary ability. You also get to choose a counter ability (you can counter attack, or automatically drink a health potion when you're attacked, or maybe you like the ninja's "sunken state" turning you invisible when you get attacked), and a passive ability (usually giving you another characteristic of the class it's from, like the black mage's "magic attack up" which lets you deal more damage with your magic attacks). Finally, there's a movement ability, like the aforementioned "move+2" or the always fun "ignore height" that lets you leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Each class can equip varying types of weapons, shields, headgear, armor, and accessories to increase your hit points, magic points, speed, and power. Female warriors are super lucky as they get to wear ribbons (which prevent all negative status effects) as headgear and the super-rare perfumes as accessories. The perfume I have on Agrias, my most powerful female knight, gives her health regen and automatic re-raise if she dies. She's basically immortal, and the ribbon in her hair prevents any ailments that would otherwise disable her like petrify, don't move, confuse, charm, and many more. She's a little unfair. Unfortunately, you can't choose the sex of your main character, you're stuck with a dude... I named him "Jimmy" of course. Jimmy has the ninja's "two swords" ability allowing him to equip a sword in each hand and deal two blows per turn. He's currently a squire with the samurai's "draw out" ability as a back up. Oh, and the Move+3 ability of the bard class. This lets him move far, attack hard twice or use an area of affect samurai skill, and if he can't quite reach an enemy on the first turn, he can use "scream" to give himself speed +1, power+1, magic+1, and brave+10 in one go.

I had so much fun leveling up my characters and buying/finding new gear for them. It was a bit sad when the game was over, but there is always the deep dungeon to explore. Seriously, this is one of those games where it's more fun to level up and try new stuff than it is to play through the story missions. I only wish there were more human enemies in the random battles as fighting the monsters isn't quite as fun (and makes some of your skills like "weapon break" useless).

I played the version on PSN on my PS3, which is the same version from the PS1 days. There is also the enhanced "war of the lions" version which was originally for PSP, but is now available for iPhone. The gameplay's the same, you'll just get a better translation (though the "engrish" in the original is part of its charm IMHO) and some animated cut scenes instead of the in-engine dialog for some of the story. I'd recommend either version, but since the PSN one is only $10 versus the $15 they want for the iPhone version (and I like playing on the big-screen), I'd go for the PSN one first if you've got a PS3.

The game is officially out in the iTunes App Store. Here's the official launch trailer.

I really want to play this, but it's pretty expensive for an iPhone game. Anyone got $16 to lend me?

FINAL FANTASY TACTICS: The War of the Lions (for iPhone) Launch Trailer

KOF-i is the iPhone version of the popular fighting franchise. How do the controls hold up on the touch screen?

Let me start off by saying that KOF-i looks great on the small screen, and the personality of it's big brother definitely carries over. The characters all talk to each other before each round (via skippable text dialog boxes) and talk shit, like making fun of Mai's outfit. That's good news for fans of the series. What's not so good news, is that playing a stick and button fighter on the touch-screen iPhone is not a pleasant experience. There are two major problems with playing this way. First, your fingers obscure part of the screen. Admittedly, I've got pretty giant hands so this may be a bigger problem for me than most, but it's still a bit of bummer. Second, since the stick is virtual, there's no feel for when you get to the end of its motion, and if your thumb strays too far outside of the joystick area of the screen, the stick snaps back to a neutral position.

KOF-i screenshot

I would have loved to see some innovation in this aspect of the game, perhaps detecting that your finger was still on the screen above or to the side of the stick would keep it locked to that side, or some vibration when you hit the edge, anything really. What we get instead is a prompt to "perform 3 jumps" or 3 rolls or a 3 hit combo. WooHoo!

There are a few game modes, a one-on-one arcade mode and a three-on-three arcade mode, plus a bluetooth vs mode if you have a buddy with the game too. This doesn't work as well as a DS or PSP which use wifi, as bluetooth has a very limited range (they'd have to be right next to you basically) so there's little hope at finding a random match even at a fighting games convention such as EVO (I tried).

KOF-i team order

You can perform specials the old fashioned way, or you can just hold a direction on the stick and press the virtual "S" button. Supers are performed by tapping the super-meter bar at the top of the screen, this causes you to move your fingers from the virtual buttons and with no tactile feedback, can be hit-or miss. Similarly, to perform the level 3 moves you tap your characters face next to the life bar. Trying to mix these into a combo or perform a max cancel is therefore, not that easy.

KOF-i is available on the iTunes App Store for $7.99. It's a fun diversion, and if you're a huge KOF fan with an iPhone, you probably already have it. For everyone else, there are better games priced at 99 cents for the iPhone, so I can't recommend a buy on this. If it every goes on sale for 99 cents, you might want to pick it up, or better yet, wait for KOF XIII on the consoles.

Verdict: Rent It

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