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Street Fighter IV for iPod got an update

By: aragrist Sep 26, 2010 | 4 Comments

Street Fighter IV got an update a few days ago adding new characters and Downloadable content.

I know I know! I haven't been a good writer or a good gamer lately. I haven't been updating my iPod games or even playing them much with the exception of Robot Unicorn Attack (one of the best pick and play games to give you an uncomfortable Gay feeling). So I was shocked the other day when I saw a massive update for Street Fighter IV on my iTunes apps update. The update added a couple of new characters namely E. Honda and Viper as well as adding a new option from the main menu, Downloadable content. I have yet been able to check out what you can buy  and download since my wi-fi has been acting a bit wacky, that and my iPod's battery has been getting drained by all the SFIV I've been playing while out and about. As soon as get a chance I'll update this article with my findings in the downloadable content option.

Apple just announced the new iPod Touch and it looks to be the perfect all in one system.

Now I say it's an all in one system which means more people will use it for other things other than gaming. It holds the largest market share of any portable system out there outselling both Nintendo and Sony combined but those numbers only state that the units sold outnumber Nintendo and Sony not that all those units will be used by gamers. The upside for gamers that use iPod Touch is that game companies will have to start taking apple's device seriously as a source of revenue. Even if only 50% of the people that buy an iPod Touch buy games for it that is still a big enough share of the market to make companies like Capcom think about developing new games that take advantage of the 4th gen hardware in the new iPod Touch.

It is very possible that the 3DS will kill and take over the market again but it is unlikely it will out sell the iPod Touch. The difference will be that the 3DS will bring out better 3D games while the iPod Touch will more than likely bring out ports of older side scrollers and a few original 3D titles. The price point of classic games will be around $0.99 to $5.00 while original games or high end game ports will be around $5.00 to $9.99 which will appeal to the same crowd Nintendo likes to target.

Sony needs to make a new portable system or simply give up on that market like Microsoft seems to have done. Sony is in a position to build a system that can rival Apple's and Nintendo's if they just focus on it. but it seems they are spread thin across multiple markets and their gaming focus seems to be home consoles. Their latest attack ads show off crappy $9.99 games to try to get iPod Touch gamers to jump ship. The problem is that most iPod Touch users use their Touch for a lot more than just games. Sony doesn't seem to know this or they just refuse to acknowledge this fact. Sony should consider making the PSP hardware part of their cell phone line or better yet make new hardware that is smaller more powerful and focuses on gaming.

Until Nintendo gets into the cell phone game or until they try their hand at Micro Computers like Apple I don't see a real competitor to the iPod Touch.


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