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Our 7th edtion of what Gouki.com calls the Madden Bowl of Wrestling. WWE PPV Over The Limit simulated w/ the AI of SmackDown VS Raw 2011. Featuring an exclusive Michael Cole CAWs, this is our most accurate simulation yet. A must see for any wrestling fan.

Each time we do one of these productions our SmackDown VS Raw 2011 gets further and further away from the game was originally released as. I'd go as far as saying we've practically rewritten half of the code by now. (Why this game doesn't get updates throughout the season is a question I will most certainly ask the DEV's at E3.) We add our own music to our CAWs, update music for current superstars and adjust Heel/Face status with the crowd. We've added some sweet Gouki.com and DropTheBelt.com signs. All the Champions are accurate and come the ring with the belts. We're very excited to share this with you. Please leave some comments below. Thanks for watching.

Rey Mysterio VS R-Truth

This is one of the more exciting matches we filmed. Spectacular moves and a great finish.

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AI controlled, random order this is the WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2011 official Elimination Chamber predictions.

SmackDown Elimination Chamber 2011

Rey Mysterio VS Kane VS Drew McIntyre VS Dolph Ziggler VS Wade Barrett Vs Edge

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These videos are part of a series of simulated matches for WWE TLC 2010. Featuring exclusive FNJimmy CAWs. Gouki.com simulated almost every match for TLC 12/19/2010. Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Alberto Del Rio CAWs. Don't miss the Secret Challengers.

Original card WWE.com

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Gouki.com thought it would be a cool idea to simulate some matches with Smackdown VS Raw 2011 before Survivor Series 2010. Unfortunately the game is so outdated already we could barely recreate 3 matches.

Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 is so outdated it's not even funny. Rob Van Dam is a selectable character and he's been on TNA for longer than I can remember. They have to offer DLC for characters like Wade Barrett who is a title contender or Lex Luger, a wrestler nobody really wants to use. All of the tools are in the game to make whoever you desire. I can't believe that at the last second of development and by that I mean couple of months. They can't slide Wade Barrett and few of the other newer wrestlers into the game.

There are amazing videos on the internet of random Jimmys creating which ever wrestler you can think of. The developers couldn't do this? The devolpers were real lazy when it came to a couple of the Superstar designing modes. Don't get me wrong it's super in-depth, from creating your out-of-the-ring outfit, to your titantron intro and even the signs, fans hold up for you while you are wrestling. But then the music and other attributes in the game are labled, Superstar 1, Superstar 2 etc. So I have to write down which is which, Yuke's couldn't have done this? Yuke's btw, helluva name for a company. Another notable MIA wrestler is DIVA co-world champion Layla she's been in the WWE since 2006. Again another wrestler that could be easily created in the Superstar creator mode. The championships are all old news in the game aswell. I think this could be something fixed with a simple DLC or patch. Enough of me blithering blathering about this game, I don't even care to play. These are just my simple takes after watching FNJimmy play for a few hours. 

Our goal this night was to recreate the matches for Survivor Series 2010 and let the computer fight it out. Similar to how some people with do Madden's and the Superbowl. Smackdown VS Raw 2011 just came out a few weeks ago and the first PPV after it's release we were only able to recreate two legitmate macthes with the wrestlers available in the game. Personally I think that sucks. I hope you do enjoy these matches below though. We had to make our own Wade Barrett and we couldn't do a guest referee match. I'm sure you will agree after watching these matches that they are pretty accurate in the real world of Professional Wrestling. Thanks for reading and watching.

Sheamus VS John Morrison Survivor Series 2010

The first match Gouki.com recreated for the Survivor Series 2010 on Smackdown VS Raw 2011 was to test everything and see how it works out. This by far is the funniest mtch of the night. If this actually happens at Survivor Series I will dedicate my life to recreating every possible WWE match as long as I live. Watch the match and enjoy some of the most amazing AI in video game history.

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