Video: WWE Over The Limit PPV AI Simulated Matches [SDvR2011]

goukijones Posted by: goukijones May 21, 2011 | 7 comments
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Our 7th edtion of what calls the Madden Bowl of Wrestling. WWE PPV Over The Limit simulated w/ the AI of SmackDown VS Raw 2011. Featuring an exclusive Michael Cole CAWs, this is our most accurate simulation yet. A must see for any wrestling fan.

Each time we do one of these productions our SmackDown VS Raw 2011 gets further and further away from the game was originally released as. I'd go as far as saying we've practically rewritten half of the code by now. (Why this game doesn't get updates throughout the season is a question I will most certainly ask the DEV's at E3.) We add our own music to our CAWs, update music for current superstars and adjust Heel/Face status with the crowd. We've added some sweet and signs. All the Champions are accurate and come the ring with the belts. We're very excited to share this with you. Please leave some comments below. Thanks for watching.

Rey Mysterio VS R-Truth

This is one of the more exciting matches we filmed. Spectacular moves and a great finish.

Intercontinental Championship Wade Barrett VS Ezekiel Jackson

Divas Championship Brie Bella VS Kelly Kelly

Sin Cara VS Chavo Guerrero

*Side note - FnJimmy screwed up Sin Cara's finisher, so I don't to hear it.

Tag Team Championship Big Show and Kane VS CM Punk and Mason Ryan

There was a little post production involved here. I really like how Big Show and Kane's intro worked out.

World Heavyweight Championship Randy Orton VS Christian

Jerry Lawler VS Michael Cole

WWE Championship John Cena VS The Miz

Special Bonus Match: Championship Scramble - Featuring: GoukiJones, Core, Choke, BatRastered and FnJimmy.

Very special thanks to all of the hard work FnJimmy has done to keep our SmackDown VS Raw 2011 copy up to date. 

WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2011

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