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Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes made it's public debut this weekend with a video from director Hideo Kojima. Check it out!

Kojima has asserted that Ground Zeroes and Project Ogre are entirely different projects, adding that he is “sick and tired” of being asked about the relationship between the two games.

"While I am happy to know people liked ‘MGS Ground Zeroes’, I'm sick & tired of people keep asking me like ‘is that project Ogre?’ here in Seattle everyday," tweeted Kojima. "Project Ogre is what the project that Ogre appears. Ogre does not appear in 'MGS Ground Zeroes' trailer."

According to Gamespot Big Boss can now drive vehicles, such as jeeps and helicopters in this open world setting.

Hideo Kojima also said the “One thing I want to make clear is that Ground Zeroes is something I’m making myself. I want to make it clear that Snake is outlet that he's taking a hands-on role in the development of the game." "Snake's back, but I’m also back," said Kojima. "I’m putting all my effort into that."

Kojima also added that he is making another project for next generation consoles. So we can aslo look forward to that.

What are your thoughts on this new title now that you have seen footage? I'm excited. Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!




Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes images leaked

By: cinderkin Aug 30, 2012 | 1 Comments

Hideo Kojima has revealed Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes at an event for the 25th anniversary of the Metal Gear series.

Running on current-gen PC, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is an open-world stealth game, which is a first for the series. Ground Zeroes runs in the new Fox Engine. Reports from the event state that real-time footage of the game was shown in action, leaving many in the audience highly impressed.

The event was on strict lock-down, with attendees forbidden to tweet about it. However, some of the attendees reactions slipped out to the real-time Fox Engine powered demo.

One Jimmy said "Well other people are talking about it so... next Metal Gear shown, and it looks F***ing HOT,"

"Snake crawled, avoiding searchlights, killed guard, rode jeep, called in helicopter for evac," said another. "Sounds like Metal Gear, but the scale & atmosphere... Wow."

The section ended with the player being airlifted to safety in a helicopter playing Ride of the Valkyries.

What do you think about this news? Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!



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Metal Gear Solid 4 review

By: BatRastered Dec 27, 2010 | 13 Comments

I bought this game with my PS3 slim over a year ago. I finally got around to playing it.

MGS4 has been sitting in the shrink rap since I bought it. I felt obligated to play this game since IGN wanted to increase their rating scale to 11 to handle this game, and it got perfect scores from Gamespot, Gamepro, G4, and Game Informer as well as the official US Playstation magazine, which I expect is biased.

My PS3 was up to date thanks to a Modnation Racers revisit last week, so thankfully I didn't have to apply a patch, however the game does require an install. This takes about 10 minutes during which time Solid Snake is on the screen chain smoking cigarettes. Seriously, he just takes one out, lights up, smokes it, and repeats the whole process over and over while the game is installing. Awesome. Meanwhile the game is displaying helpful hints on the screen like "If you feel ill, stop playing immediately." Great advice!

The first level, if you can call it that consists of a cut scene of you arriving into a war-zone on a truck full of other Jimmies with a voice over by Snake about how much war sucks and how far up his ass his underwear is riding. After 10 minutes of this blithering and blathering, you finally get off the truck and are given control of Snake for the first time. There's really nothing to do in the tiny area you're dropped off in except take a look around at the fighting and crawl under the truck to get to the other side. As soon as you crawl under the truck, you are shown another cut scene before being given control of Snake again. This time you need to walk around the side of a building. Cut scene. Now some walking tank things show up. Avoid them and walk into a hallway. Cut scene.

Getting the picture? Yeah, I played about 3 minutes and watched about 25 minutes of cut scenes at this point. It doesn't get better. The graphics are good and the cut scenes are at least done in-engine, so at least the experience is seamless.

The shooting controls were designed by a 3-armed retard, requiring you to push the L1 button (and hold it) to bring your weapon up, triangle to use the targeting system (a laser sight for your pistol, or scope for a rifle, etc) and finally R1 to shoot. Note that the triggers are not used for this, they are for the menu system to switch between weapons and item. WTF?

The "stealth" gameplay basically consists of you stepping two inches out of cover, getting spotted, killing the guy who spotted you using the horrible shooter controls, running away to hide somewhere and putting the controller down while your waiting for the alert to be called off two minutes later while you go make yourself another drink.

The story only makes sense to Jimmy, who thinks he actually understands it but couldn't tell you even one of the character's names besides Snake and will tell you that he's beaten the space mission 7 times. (What?) I'd rather spend 45 minutes trying to get the third star on level 2-12 of Angry Birds than sit through another Kojima cut scene.

Verdict: Flush it

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