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Mindjack Review!!!

By: Cinderkin Jan 18, 2011 | 15 Comments

It's time to get your mind jacked! Is this game worth your hard earned dollar? Find out in the Gouki.com Exclusive Review.

Let us describe Mind Jack for you in one word. That word would have to be “Awful”.

Mindjack is a game developed by Feel Plus and published by Square Enix. Which means already that the game is probably not going to be very good, but why is it awful? With Gears of War controls, Resident Evil camera controls, and classic Japanese story telling you’d think Mindjack would be a complete success. Well unfortunately it’s not. This review is going to be slightly different than the rest mainly because If I didn’t explain this game in a step by step manner, then you wouldn’t believe what I’m about to tell you.

Let us start off with the very beginning of the game. The cinematic is very much the same as in this trailer save the promotional messages.

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I just discovered MindJack today. I don't remember MindJack @ E3. It is a Square-Enix game, could be trouble. It's mad Japanese too. It has been delayed once already. Square-Enix really wants you to buy this game. Me? I'm probably gonna pass.

I didn't know anything about this game until today. Developed by a company named Feelplus. Feelplus sounds like a development team for some Move porn. That certainly would have sold more than MindJack. MindJack you can jump from body to body and then uhhhhh .... Officially Sqaure-Enix has really only showed us pre-rendered scenes and we all love those right. 

MindJack trailer

Giant fuckin' red brained dogs are cool. 

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