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Nyko unveils customizable fight stick at E3 2012

By: BatRastered Jun 22, 2012 | 2 Comments

A new fightstick is something Gouki.com is always interested in. Nyko chose to unveil a new one at this year's E3 convention in Los Angeles. BatRastered gets a demo and goes hands on to let you know about the new stick.

Just the facts from the Nyko press release:

The Free Fighter for PlayStation®3 is an arcade-quality fight stick with eight face buttons, and a unique ambidextrous design for right or left-handed use. Compatible with all standard fighting games, the Free Fighter is made with authentic Japanese Sanwa® Denshi arcade-quality parts and includes an expandable base for comfort and security during lap-top use. The Free Fighter includes four fully customizable macro buttons for quick access to combos, as well as two variable speed turbo buttons for fast, slow or user-created tap speed. The Free Fighter will be available at select retail stores nationwide in September 2012 and will retail for an MSRP of $179.99

I should also note that the first four buttons (on the left) are convex and the next  four are concave to help you feel the difference.

Personally the macros and the switching the stick around do nothing for me, I'm not a lefty and I don't use macros, I want to know how to do the moves myself! The parts are indeed high quality and the build feels solid, if you like a smaller stick, this might work for you... I actually prefer a heavy stick though as it moves around less for me, maybe the extended base for lap play might help there, the demo station where it was hooked up was all stand-up though, no place to sit and test that.

Nyko free fighter fightstick

What do you think? Any lefties out there who need the stick on the other side? Is $179 too much to pay for that? 

A new PS3 controller that's laid out like a 360 pad? Sign me up!

One of my other problems with the PS3 is that controller. I love the XBOX 360 controller, the PS3 has the d-pad and left analog in the wrong spot for me. Plus I also like the concave triggers on the 360 controller way better.

Well, it looks like NYKO has taken up this complaint from those of us who prefer the 360 and will be delivering the "Raven" PS3 controller that mimics the feel of the 360. I'm looking forward to this on August 31st Jimmy!

Nyko Raven

Pre-order yours too!


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