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ED-209 is looking for you. You have 20 seconds to comply.

Gameplay video with no HUD, here we go again. Robocop’s tracking doesn’t count. We first got a glimpse of this last July with the Robocop Rogue City teaser. Now we have actual Robocop walking and driving around enforcing the law. There’s ED-209, everyone’s favorite! Or maybe it was Robocop 2, Cain. He was such a great bad guy. I was scared out of my wits sitting in the theater watching that monster. I hope he’s in this game. No doubt, I’ll always want to check out a Robocop game, it has an excellent premise for a video game. Here’s to hoping Nacon gets it right.

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Is it all just click bait or is something coming?

The information just came out and already word has spread of the new Robocop game. It's everywhere. But what news is there actually? Well it’s currently expected in 2023. It will be available on consoles and PC. Robocop is in it! It’s in old Detroit - just like the 1980’s Robocop movie. The trailer only shows a brief look at Detroit and it’s covered in fog. There is also a clip of Robocop drawing his weapon from his robot leg. That effect looked very clean. Shout out to MGM who owns the rights to Robocop and is in on the project.

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