Dead Or Alive You're Coming With "Robocop: Rogue City" Gameplay

By goukijones — July 8, 2022
Tags: preview robocop robocop-rogue-city

ED-209 is looking for you. You have 20 seconds to comply.

Gameplay video with no HUD, here we go again. Robocop’s tracking doesn’t count. We first got a glimpse of this last July with the Robocop Rogue City teaser. Now we have actual Robocop walking and driving around enforcing the law. There’s ED-209, everyone’s favorite! Or maybe it was Robocop 2, Cain. He was such a great bad guy. I was scared out of my wits sitting in the theater watching that monster. I hope he’s in this game. No doubt, I’ll always want to check out a Robocop game, it has an excellent premise for a video game. Here’s to hoping Nacon gets it right.


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