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Featuring GoukiJones, BatRastered, Choke & FnJimmy. We talk about Salt Fest & Final Fantasy XI. Plus other video game & relevant nerd news stuff.

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BatRastered & GoukiJones heading north? To Salt Lake City, Utah for Salt Fest.


Look for Team Gouki in Utah for Salt Fest. Getting railed & playing some games. 
BatRastered & I will be competing in SF4 & Halo 4.
You can find more info on
Chris G is gonna be there, can't wait to see if he's gonna run some bullshit again in Grand Finals. Justin Wong will be there too, conspiracies! 
Also looking to get a shout out from Jebailey, gotta get that Jimmy on
Thanks for reading. Make sure you check out the SaltFest stream that weekend. Any Vegas peoples there, holla at your boy. Good luck to everyone at SaltFest.
Don't be a Jimmy!

Salt Fest adding money to the pot for Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012 & Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3. Salt Lake City - May 10-12, 2013. Pre-register & save.

From Salt Fest: 

I'd just like to let you know that we'd like to keep our preregistration for Salt Fest rolling. So, because of this, we're offering a $250 pot bonus for both Marvel and Street Fighter if we get at least 32 people to sign up for each tournament and buy a badge before March 22nd.

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The Utah Fight Circuit has announced Salt Fest 2013 to take place May 10-12 in Salt Lake City Utah. Preregistration is now open. Over 9 different games to compete in. Huge cash prizes.

From the Utah Fight Circuit:

Brought to you by Utah Fight Circuit, Salt Fest is the rock concert of tournaments and gaming expo in the mid west...

Salt Fest aspires to bring you the next level of gaming tournament in 2013.
This three-day event will combine a industry guests, panels, & events, artists and creators alike. All to create a spellbinding expo but whats a video gaming expo without tournaments? Utah Fight Circuit currently runs the best tournaments in Utah and will be bringing an exciting line up of extreme competition. From fighting games to full scale LAN party's to mini tournaments to Pocket Monsters. This will be the event Utah has been waiting for, an event that the gamers truly deserve!

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