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30 minutes of Gootecks and Mike Ross playing AE2012 ranked matches online

"After last episodes dismal performance.... Who will rise to the occasion and pull through to carry the duo to victory? Is Cody everyone's new main chicken?"


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Street Fighter IV: AE 2012 beta changes

By: BatRastered Sep 22, 2011 | 7 Comments

After the initial Alpha test, Capcom introduced more changes for the Beta which is now in location testing. Here's a (long) list of all the changes they made in between.

[Hadouken]: Damage has been increased from 60->70. Chip damage remains the same at 15.
[H. Shoryuken]: Changed to be a 1 hit move, from the previous 2 hits. Start up is 3F. A deep hit (from active 1F to 2F) deals 160 damage, a shallow hit (from active 3F and up) deals 60 damage. First 4F from startup are invincible. Also [H.Shoryuken] cannot be EX Focus Canceled anymore, regardless of hit or block, so the risk and reward has been increased.

[cr.HK]: Startup changed from 7F->8F. So [far LP] -> [far MP] -> [cr.HK] combo string will no longer work.
[far HK]: Startup changed from 12F->11F, recovery from 21F->18F. On hit it now gives +1F, and on block -3F. 
[Thunder Kick] (f+HK): Entire frame length of the feint version shortened from 27F->24F.

[EX Hyakuretsukyaku]: Distance the move covers until hit detection has been increased. Tough combos should be easier to connect with now.
[close HP]: Causes additional 1F guard stun on opponent. Push back distance from a hit has been decreased by about half. So [close HP] -> [H. Spinning Bird Kick] combo is now possible (290 damage, 400 stun). 
[H. Spinning Bird Kick]: Damage and stun adjusted to 200.
[Tenkukyaku] (MK during Kintekishu): Hit box enlarged downwards so it is easier to hit crouching opponents. 

[H. Hundred Hand Slap]: Hit box towards the end has been increased, allowing for easier full combo hits off a [cr.LP]. 
[EX Oicho Throw]: Stun damage increased from 100->150.
[Orochi Breaker]: Command has been simplified so it will be easier to use from now on.

[EX Vertical Roll]: Now causes knockdown on hit. However on block, Blanka will now land even closer to the opponent so the risk is greater.

[far HP]: Deals knockdown damage on hit.

[Flash Kick]: Deep hit now deals an additional +10 damage across the board: light 110, medium 130, heavy 140 damage. 
[Sonic Hurricane]: Damage distribution has been changed from the existing 150+15*4+90 to 90+30*4+90. Total damage has not changed, but [Flash Kick] -> [Sonic Hurricane] combo now does an additional 50 damage or so.
[Reverse Spin Kick]: Causes additional 1F of hit stun, leading to a total of +5F on hit.

[LP]: Causes additional 1F of hit stun, leading to a total of +2F on hit. So [LP] -> [EX Yoga Flame] combo now works.
[Yoga Blast]: On hit, light and medium version recovery has been reduced by 10F, heavy version recovery has been reduced by 5F. 

[Dirty Bull]: Command has been simplified so it will be easier to use from now on.

[Bloody High Claw]: Hit properties have been adjusted. For example, the Ultra will now combo properly after a [Cosmic Heel] (df+HK).
[EX Sky High Claw]: Hit box has been enlarged downwards, making it easier to connect the whole thing.

[cr.MP]: Hit box has been enlarged towards Sagat’s base, fixing a problem that caused it to whiff against certain crouching opponents.

[HK]: Damage from a shallow hit increased from 80->90.

[Air Burning Kick]: Damage reduced from 100->90.

[Big Bang Typhoon]: Adjusted move properties so that opponents won’t drop out early after an air hit.
[Target Combo]: Hit box of the 2nd hit has been enlarged downwards, making it easier to hit crouching opponents.
[EX Galactic Tornado]: Opponents who are hit by the suction part of the move now gain an additional 7F of stun. It will consume a lot of meter, but by performing an [EX Focus Cancel] afterwards, Rufus will now be at a maximum +8F. This will allow for new combo opportunities. 

El Fuerte
[EX Guacamole Leg Throw]: El Fuerte’s stun after landing has been reduced by 3F, making it 10F total.

[Breathless]: Removed throw invincibility from the lunge to hit detection period. It still has throw invincibility from startup to lunge period.

[Shoryuken]: Excluding the EX version, when the 2nd hit is blocked, opponent guard stun has been reduced by 2F. Seth is now -3F when doing [Shoryuken (2nd hit blocked)] -> [EX Focus Cancel] -> [Forward Dash].

No additional changes since the “SSFIV AE Ver.2012 Alpha” location test.

[Sakotsukudaki] (f+MP): Hit box enlarged downwards, active frames changed to 4F. Hit stop and guard stop time has been changed from medium attack length to heavy attack length. Hittable area has been reduced, making it easier to dodge crouching attacks.
[Forbidden Shoryuken]: Startup greatly reduced from 11F->3F, which makes it easier to combo and counterattack with.
[far MP]: Deals additional 1F of hit stun, and is now special/super cancelable. Thus [far MP] -> [M. Senkugoshoha] combo is now possible.
[far HP]: Active hit frames changed from 3F->5F.
[close HK]: Active hit frames of first part changed from 2F->5F.
[Denjin Hadouken]: Lever rotations needed to speed up the move have been reduced.

[Quick Spin Knuckle]: Push back distance on block has been reduced, and follow ups from Cammy such as [cr.LK], etc, are now considered to be a true block string.

Fei Long
[Engekishu] (f+HK): 2nd hit is now super cancelable; however total move damage has been decreased from 150->130.

[Sakura Otoshi]: Changed difficulty of command input, and adjusted it so that the move will not come out from button releases.

[EX Soul Reflect]: Move is invincible to projectiles until frame 7, and shot reflection occurs from frame 5. This makes it easier to instantly reflect projectiles. 
[Soul Satellite]: Fixed a glitch that caused the EX version to come out when doing the command input and holding up-left on the controller.

[EX Jyasen]: Opponent stun is +1F if the hit right before the last hit connects. Thus [FADC] afterwards gives Gen a max +8F. 
[Lv1 Focus Attack]: Properties have been changed based on which stance Gen is in.
    •    [Mantis Style]: Forward dash after a hit gives even frames to both players.
    •    [Crane Style]: Forward dash after a block gives even frames to both players.
[EX Oga]: Damage increased from 100->150. Variation of the move [Far Kick] during EX is now faster, and a hit allows for further combo opportunities.
[Crane Style cr.MK]: Now +1F on hit, -1F on block. Hittable area has been reduced.

No additional changes since the “SSFIV AE Ver.2012 Alpha” location test.

[EX Condor Dive]: On hit, the move retains projectile invincibility until end of recovery.
[Heavy Shoulder] (d+MP): Can now be done from a vertical jump.
[Condor Spire]: Simplified command has been changed back to what it is in the current SSFIV AE.
[Raging Slash]: Command has been simplified further, so it is easier to execute now.

Dee Jay
[close HK]: If the first hit connects it forces the opponent to stand, and the 2nd hit is now super cancelable. Move is now -2F on block.

[Wall Jump]: Can now attack earlier after the initial jump off the wall.
[Bushin Hasoken]: Hit box on the last part is enlarged, making it easier to connect the full Super Combo. 
[Bushin Muso Renge]: Command has been simplified further, so it is easier to execute now.

No additional changes since the “SSFIV AE Ver.2012 Alpha” location test.

[Bonsho Kick]: Push back distance after hit has been reduced, and on counter-hit it is easier to follow up with combos.
[Yoroitoshi]: Command has been simplified further, so it is easier to execute now.

No additional changes since the “SSFIV AE Ver.2012 Alpha” location test.

[Jet Upper]: Startup of light and medium versions changed from 6F to 5F, heavy version changed from 4F to 3F.
[Short Swing Blow]: On hit, medium and heavy versions do additional 2F of hit stun, giving Dudley +2F total.
[Ducking Upper]: Startup changed back to what it is in existing SSFIV AE.
[cr.MK]: Startup changed from 10F->8F and active frames lengthened from 5F->6F, making it a better poking tool.
[Rolling Thunder]: First hit will not connect against airborne opponents, but from 2nd hit onwards there is additional hit detection against airborne opponents.

[Jaguar Kick]: Hittable area of light and medium versions has been enlarged. Hittable area of heavy version remains the same, but damage has been reduced from 140->130.
[close MK]: Properties have been changed back to what it is in existing SSFIV AE.

No additional changes since the “SSFIV AE Ver.2012 Alpha” location test.

[Senpusha]: Hit stun has been adjusted so [FADC] after light version gives +6F on the first hit, +3F on the second. Medium and heavy versions gives +6F for either hit, and EX gives +3F on first hit and +8F on second hit. 
[close MP]: Startup changed from 5F->3F, making it easier to connect combos up close.

[Zenpo Tenshin]: Startup of light, medium, heavy versions changed from 11F->10F.
[LK]: Block stun increased by 1F, giving total +2 on block.
[Target Combo 3]: 2nd hit is now super cancelable.

[EX Tourou Zan]: Will not come out on button releases.
[Byakko Soshouda]: Only during [Seiei Enbu], total move frames have been changed back to what they are in the current SSFIV AE.
[Target Combo 3]: 3rd hit is now causes knockdown, and is super cancelable.
[Back Step]: Special cancel timing towards the end is changed from frame 24 to frame 26. 

Evil Ryu
[cr.HK]: Startup changed from 6F->7F, damage from 90->100, active frames from 2F->3F.
[H. Shoryuken]: First hit damage changed from 90->100, for a total of 160.

[Air Hadou Dash]: Can now be canceled into Ultra Combo I [Metsu Gouzanku] on hit or block.
[L. or H. Air Hadou Dash]: Hit box size has been enlarged. 
[EX Air Tatsumaki Zankukyaku]: Falling trajectory changed to become vertical when canceled from [L. or M. Air Hadou Dash]. Damage changed to 140, stun to 200, and move is now only 1 hit. 
[Air Raging Demon]: Modified so that it will only hit airborne opponents, and can be used in combos. Damage has been reduced from 370->320. Normal [Raging Demon] is still a throw.
[M. Demon Slash]: Active projectile invincibility frames increased from 16F->19F. 

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Game Warz SSF 4 AE & Marvel VS Cap 3 ALLDAY event!!!!! Miami, FL

By: GameWarz Aug 31, 2011 | 2 Comments

Game Warz is celebrating our last day before we move into the new venue!!!!!! We are hosting an allday event in S.S.F. 4 A.E. and Marvel vs Capcom 3!

Game Warz is located at Southland Mall 20505 S Dixie Hwy, Cutler Ridge, FL 33189.Our main events being S.s.F. 4 ae 1v1 and Marvel vs Capcom 1v1's at 7:00 pm Aug 31, 2011. We will open up starting at 3:00 pm with S.S.F. 4 A.E. 1v1 RANDOMS!!! Marvel Vs Capcom 3 RANDOMS will start around 5:00 pm! Our event will end with a S.S.F. 4 A.E. 2v2 battle starting at 9:00pm!! Game Warz plans on ending the allday evenet around 12:00 am! We also will be trying to host a 3rd Strike 1v1 and other multiple tournies as well if time allows!! See you all there!

Super Street Fighter IV AE- 2:45pm Aug. 31st, Randoms $4.00 to enter, winner takes pot, Double round elimination ONLY! MAIN EVENT- 7:00pm 1v1 are just $5.00 to enter, Best out of 3, Double round elimination, awarding total pot to winner only!
Super Street Fighter IV AE- 2v2's 9:00pm Aug. 31st, $15.00 per TEAM to enter, 2v2 double round elimination, character change between matches allowed!

Marvel vs Capcom 3 - 5:00 pm Aug 31st, Randoms $4.00 to enter, winner takes pot. Double round elimination ONLY! MAIN EVENT - 7:00pm $5.00 to enter. Best out of 3, double round elimination!

3rd Strike - We will try our best to squeeze this $4.00 RANDOM tourney in before our main events if possible. If not the after our S.S.F 4 A.E. 2v2's! Double elimination only.

Game Warz will be taking $8.00 out of total pot (T.O. fee) for any RANDOM tournies that we host leaving the rest to winner, We will be taking $5.00 for every 3 contestants from our s.s.f.4 a.e. and marvel vs capcom 3 main event tournies(T.O. fee) and will be taking $5.00 per team for the s.s.f. 4 a.e. 2v2's!

For any questions call Mike
(305) 801-9296

Game Warz
Southland Mall 20505 S Dixie Hwy
Cutler Ridge FL 33189

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Iorilamia Wins MVC3 Tournament and a booming Maui Fightscene

By: iorilamia Jun 17, 2011 | 10 Comments

The fighting game Community in Maui has exploded in the last couple of months due to one random idea. (Finals match link inside!)

For a long time me, my friend Eli and Dwyane thought we were the best on Maui when it came to majority of fighting games out there (except Tekken). So a couple of months ago while at my house Eli was like " Yo, let's make an event on Facebook, a SSF4 and MVC3 tournament at the college and see who will come" I thought it was an amazing idea and we went on with it. Me and 2 other friends brought a system and our games. The Maui College has a huge student lounge that is open almost the whole day that anyone an go to, and we were surprised by all the people who showed up. Learning that there were people as good as us in some games and better in others was amazing. That day we didn't get around to a tournament, I believe there was like 8 hours of casuals, leading to us becoming good friends with a lot of the guys who stayed until closing.

Soon after one of the guys we met created a group of Facebook called Maui Street Fighter. Here we planned the next events and settled that we would meet up every Wednesday for SSF4 tournaments and mvc3 casuals (not too many people played mvc3, so a small tourney would be lame) Every Wednesday the amount of people grew and everyone's skill levels increased.

Things have gotten to a point where we had a good idea on who was bringing what set-ups and we could run our events at the school easily. The lounge is open from about 8 am to 9 pm. The security guards have gotten used to seeing around 30 dudes getting super hyped over games, so sometimes they let us stay till 11 to finish our events <3

A big surprise about a week ago was a huge influx in new people! The best part was, they were Marvel and Tekken players. This led up to us having 3 actual tournaments in a night (which is hard to fit in when you do them one by one). Tekken was singles (since it had the smallest entrants), Marvel was teams of 2 and SSF4 AE was teams of 3.

I love playing MVC3 casuals and felt pretty confident in the tournament. I didn't play Tekken and my SSF4 team got OCV'd by my close friend who plays me all the time; knew it was coming :p My teamate for Marvel was Adi, a guy who I felt pretty even with in skill leading up to more confidence (he played Wolverine, She-Hulk Storm and Wesker). He went first, beating the first few teams by himself and I didn't have to play. But when it came to the semi-finals and finals, he lost every set and I carried the way (which added more pressure than I thought it would). 

In the end, it came down to me playing Morrigan, X-23 and Wesker vs. a really strong Hulk-She-Hulk and Dormmamu. (Before that I played his teamate in a very interesting battle with me playing Mageto, x-23 and Wesker and him playing Magneto, X-23 Dommamu)  Both of us were dropping combos towards the end and I purposely didn't punish some things because I knew if I messed up one bit, I would have died ; ended up playing it safe. The photographer was nice enough to upload a video of the final match, but it is only on Facebook, I'm not sure if you will be able to view it upon signing in (I HOPE SO! IT'S GODLIKE) If anything, I'll share it on the wall.

So Adi and I won! Split the prize $ and took a bro-photo. It was truly a great tournament and a great experience. Glare makes me look cross-eyed but that's ok. Everyone attending the Maui College fighting events are awesome people and it is great that our community has grown so much from a friend saying " Brah let's make a event on Facebook". It's so hype having over 30 people in a room with many different play-styles and skills. Hopefully I can get more pictures from the guy or videos.


~Shout-outs to, Adi and I played on the MVC3 stick the entire time~



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Invincible Wake-Up Yang Glitch

By: iorilamia Jun 17, 2011 | 3 Comments

Broken glitch that allows Yang to avoid attacks and grabs on wake-up

First, have a look at the footage uploaded by

So wtf happens? Yang is invincible upon wakeup to most options for about 10 frames. Throws won't get him but cross-ups will. This isn't automatic though, there are some conditions on doing the glitch:

1.Before wakeup, Yangs body needs to be down with head closer to opponent.

2.Yang player can't press any inputs or buttons

3. Hitbox of attack can't hit Yangs back (cross ups will work against glitch)

4. Long active frames (things more than 10 frames I guess) will hit Yang.


So what do you guys think of this? It does sound extremely broken, except most people would be too scared to do it, not blocking on wakeup is a ridiculou risk. Unless you know your opponent very well, then this could be a great trick from time to time. Leave a comment on what you think, and if you think it should be patched or not.



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