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Netflix’s The Witcher Universe come to life with this new animation film.

This story is about a badass who knows he’s a badass, until his badass demons from the past show up and are more badass than him. The Witcher gets some badass friends to battle the badass demons, and then… there is a huge badass fight of badass Witchers VS badass Demons. Premieres August 23, 2021 worldwide on Netflix

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It’s like Pokemon Go, but you murder the Pokemon!

Hunt down over 100 different Witcher monsters. Track them down. Drink a potion to get yourself all buffed up for the hunt and the fight. Developed and published by Spokko and available for iOS and Android. Special login bonus if you play today!

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Who didn’t enjoy the first season?

I really enjoyed the first season as I think most people did as well. Yeah there could have been a bit more magic and dragons and stuff, but after I heard they are possibly building up for 6-7 seasons then maybe we’re dealing with a slow burn. This new season looks to be showing Ciri growing up and learning of her skills and powers. Let’s go! The Witcher season 2 premieres December 17, 2021 worldwide on Netflix.

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The Witcher Official Teaser

By: goukijones Jul 22, 2019 | 0 Comments

After this trailer, I think people are enjoying the way this series is looking.

Coming to Netflix!


I never played The Witcher 3, I feel like I'm missing out. I played The Witcher 2 and did not like it.  I will give this show a try for sure and maybe someday I'll play The Witcher 3.

The show will be released in 2020 and is going to be 8 episodes long. Netflix exclusive.

The Witcher merchandise on Amazon.

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